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  • Management Competence

    Management Competence
    Andreas Enders

    This book uses state-of-the-art methodologies to deliver empirical evidence for the value of management competence in leading to both operational excellence and financial success.

  • What Were They Thinking

    What Were They Thinking?
    Jeffrey Pfeffer

    The book contains a series of short chapters filled with examples, data, and insights that challenge questionable assumptions and much conventional management wisdom.

  • Advances in Business and Management Forecasting

    Advances in Business and Management Forecasting
    Kenneth D. Lawrence, Michael D. Geurts

    The objective of this research annual is to present state-of-the-art studies in the application of forecasting methodologies to such areas as sales, marketing, and strategic decision making. (An accurate, robust forecast is critical to …

  • Navigating an Organizational Crisis When Leadership Matters Most

    Navigating an Organizational Crisis: When Leadership Matters Most
    Harry Hutson, Martha Johnson

    This book demonstrates how effective leaders under pressure work from an understanding of the situation at hand and of their impact on others, and explains how leaders can best apply their internal strengths. • Comprehensively addresses a …

  • National Monopoly to Successful Multinational the case of Enel

    National Monopoly to Successful Multinational: the case of Enel
    Massimo Bergami, Pier Luigi Celli, Giuseppe Soda

    Using the Enel case, this volume unpacks the effective implementation of an ambidextrous perspective on adaptation and change, providing some key lessons for managers and scholars.

  • The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities

    The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities
    Giovanni Dosi, Richard Nelson, Sidney Winter

    In this book, the editors and a team of distinguished international contributors analyse the nature of organizational capabilities–how organizations do things, use their knowledge base, and diffuse that knowledge in a competitive …

  • Grà ndungsmanagement

    Michael Dowling, Hans J. Drumm

    Alle Beiträge sind von herausragenden Vertretern aus Wissenschaft und Praxis verfasst worden, die sich mit Gründungsmanagement beschäftigen. Für die zweite Auflage wurden alle Kapitel überarbeitet und aktualisiert.

  • Tacit Knowledge in Organizational Learning

    Tacit Knowledge in Organizational Learning
    Busch, Peter

    Tacit Knowledge in Organizational Learning offers academians and practitioners an illustration of the importance of tacit knowledge to an organization, presenting a means to measure and track tacit knowledge in individuals and …

  • Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over

    Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over
    Lori L. Silverman

    Or reduce turnover by 25% or more? Do you need to quickly align staff around the organization's long-term strategy? Or achieve double-digit growth? Then this groundbreaking book is for you.

  • Emotions and Organizational Dynamism

    Emotions and Organizational Dynamism
    Wilfred J. Zerbe, Charmine E. J. Hartel, Neal M. Ashkanasy

    They are simultaneously ordered and complicated and complex. Emotions help us understand this dynamism. As the chapters in this volume help us understand and appreciate, emotions are often an underlying energizing and motivating force.

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