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  • The Innovator s Hypothesis

    The Innovator’s Hypothesis
    Michael Schrage

    But this book addresses theinnovation priorities of companies that live in the real world of limits. They want fast, frugal,and high impact innovations. They don't just seek superior innovation, they want superiorinnovators.

  • HBR Guide to Leading Teams HBR Guide Series

    HBR Guide to Leading Teams (HBR Guide Series)
    Mary Shapiro

    With practical exercises, guidelines for structured team conversations, and step-by-step advice, this guide will help you: Pick the right team members Set clear, smart goals Foster camaraderie and cooperation Hold people accountable Address …

  • The Change Book

    The Change Book
    Tricia Emerson, Mary Stewart

    The Change Book provides a practical collection of tips and advice for anyone dealing with or managing organizational change.

  • La gestione delle risorse umane nell era digitale

    La gestione delle risorse umane nell’era digitale
    AA. VV.

    Indice Costantino Cipolla, Barbara Sena, Introduzione Barbara Sena, L'evoluzione dello Human Resource Management dall'era analogica all'era digitale Alberto Ardissone, La comunicazione organizzativa nell'era del web: problemi ed …

  • High Output Management

    High Output Management
    Andrew S. Grove

    In this legendary business book and Silicon Valley staple, the former chairman and CEO (and employee number three) of Intel shares his perspective on how to build and run a company.

  • Managing and Leading People Through Organizational Change

    Managing and Leading People Through Organizational Change
    Dr Julie Hodges

    This book demonstrates how theory can be applied in practice through practical examples and recommendations, focusing on the importance of understanding the impact of the nature of change on individuals and engaging them collaboratively …

  • Reconsidering Change Management

    Reconsidering Change Management
    Steven ten Have, Wouter ten Have, Anne-Bregj Huijsmans, Maarten Otto

    Drawing on the field of psychology and based on primary research, Reconsidering Change Management identifies 18 popular and relevant commonly held assumptions with regard to change management that are then analyzed and compared to the four …

  • Organizations in Action

    Organizations in Action
    James D. Thompson

    This classic work is of continuing value to organizational and management specialists, behavioral scientists, sociologists, administrators, and policymakers.

  • The Idea Driven Organization

    The Idea-Driven Organization
    Alan G. Robinson, Dean M. Schroeder

    With Robinson and Schroeder's advice, you can unleash a constant stream of great ideas that will strengthen every facet of your organization.

  • Organization Development

    Organization Development
    Robert Smither, John Houston, Sandra McIntire

    This edition brings this classic book into the 21st century, making it a valuable resource for students of organizational development, organizational behavior, change management, and leadership.

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