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  • International Trade in Services and Intangibles in the Era of Globalization

    International Trade in Services and Intangibles in the Era of Globalization
    Marshall B. Reinsdorf, Matthew J. Slaughter

    This comprehensive volume will be necessary reading for scholars seeking to understand the rapidly changing global economy.

  • Freelancing Expertise

    Freelancing Expertise
    Debra Osnowitz

    This is a remarkable contribution to understandings of the new economy.

  • Global Outsourcing Strategies

    Global Outsourcing Strategies
    Roxane Gervais

    This is a must-have guide for any organization approaching outsourcing as a global (or local) strategy and for those organizations now reviewing or developing their outsourcing partnerships.

  • The Outsourcing Enterprise

    The Outsourcing Enterprise
    Leslie P. Willcocks, Sara Cullen, Andrew Craig

    This book should be on every outsourcing professional's desk.'-Peter Mahler, CIO Axa Australia, and formerly Coles Myer and Belgacom `Frustrated by the sense that you're failing to cash in on the opportunities that outsourcing presents?

  • Managing Organizational Ecologies

    Managing Organizational Ecologies
    Keith Alexander, Ilfryn Price

    This volume offers arguments and evidence that managing such constructs is a key role for Facilities Management and an important participant in the provision of truly usable spaces.

  • Summary Crowdsourcing

    Summary: Crowdsourcing
    BusinessNews Publishing

    Added-value of this book: • Save time • Understand the key concepts • Increase your business knowledge To learn more, read "Crowdsourcing" and discover why the power of the crowd is driving the future of business.

  • easily Made in China

    (easily?) Made in China!
    Heidi Larsen

    Supply chain is truly Heidi's great passion, and in a humorous way, this is known to the reader.

  • The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing

    The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing
    Mary Lacity, Andrew Burgess, Leslie Willcocks

    The book is based on data from 27 LSO providers, interviews with clients, consulting assignments and lessons learned from prior Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) research.

  • Do What You Do Best

    Do What You Do Best
    Jeff Russell

    Doing what you do best takes great discipline. This book will show you the way.

  • Performance Management and Budgeting

    Performance Management and Budgeting
    F. Stevens Redburn, Robert J. Shea, Terry F. Buss

    This book provides a fresh look at the process by which governments hold themselves accountable to their citizens for performance.

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