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  • 101 Ways to Save Money on Your Tax Legally

    101 Ways to Save Money on Your Tax — Legally!
    Adrian Raftery

  • Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

    Commercialization of Innovative Technologies
    C. Joseph Touhill, Gregory J. Touhill, Thomas A. O’Riordan

    This book helps you find innovative new technology ideas and guides you through the complete lifecycle of product innovation, including screening, funding, development, and commercialization.

  • Business Plans to Game Plans

    Business Plans to Game Plans
    Jan B. King

    This new revised edition elaborates on the six critical principles of running a small business that helped guide King to success: Set standards and give your employees the tools to meet your goals Lead by example Look to the long term–the …

  • eBu iness

    Paul Wallbank

    Whether you already have a website or you're just starting out, eBu$iness gives you the tools and know-how to save time and money, and will help you to grow your business and make a profit.

  • Management

    Matthias Nöllke

    Wie Sie die richtigen Informationen sammeln, verteilen und verstehen. Welche Managementkonzepte es zur strategischen Planung gibt. Extra: Die wichtigsten Management-Methoden im Überblick.

  • The Coming Generational Storm

    The Coming Generational Storm
    Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Scott Burns

    Guides the reader through America's generational imbalance and proposes policies to avoid the demographic overload and fiscal crisis that America will be faced with in the future as a result of this imbalance.

  • Start Over Finish Rich

    Start Over, Finish Rich
    David Bach

    Use it instead to get rich." Read Start Over, Finish Rich and let David Bach put you and your family back on the path to financial freedom. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • As leis do dinheiro para mulheres

    As leis do dinheiro para mulheres
    Eliana Bussinger

    No Brasil, as mulheres já são quase metade da força de trabalho; Os trabalhos que elas executam são mal remunerados, sem garantias e sem previdência, com um salário nem sempre suficiente para permitir um pensamento de longo prazo, …

  • Divorce Money

    Divorce & Money
    Violet Woodhouse, Matthew J Perry

    It covers how to: – decide whether to keep or sell the house – protect yourself against misuse of joint accounts and credit cards – avoid tax problems – handle alimony and child support – divide debts fairly – avoid hasty decisions that …

  • Savingforcollege com s Family Guide to College Savings 2007 2008’s Family Guide to College Savings 2007-2008
    Joseph F. Hurley, Jospeh Hurley

    Written for the individual investor, this 88-page guide explores the planning and savings options available to families that are saving for a child's college education.

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