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  • Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance

    Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance
    Yannis Charalabidis, Sotirios Koussouris

    The book is divided into three sections: Section one, “Public Policy Debate Foundations,” lays the foundations regarding processes and methods for scoping, planning, evaluating and transforming citizen engagement.

  • Kompetenzen f r Supply Chain Manager

    Kompetenzen für Supply Chain Manager
    Thomas Rudolph, Randy Drenth, Niklas Meise

    Management ist Entscheidung im Ungewissen. Führungskräfte im Einkauf müssen Entscheidungen unter stets wechselnden Bedingungen treffen. Der globale Wettbewerb entwickelt sich hin zu strategischen Aufgaben und umfassender Koordination.

  • European Aeronautics

    European Aeronautics
    Javier Alfonso-Gil

    The book covers both the analysis of the major producer of civil aircraft (EADS/Airbus) located in the region and its relation with the cluster of enterprises within those regions.

  • Perspectives in Operations Research

    Perspectives in Operations Research
    Frank B. Alt, Michael C. Fu, Bruce L. Golden

    This volume includes articles from each of the Symposium speakers plus 16 other articles from friends, colleagues, and former students. Each contributor offers a forward-looking perspective on the future development of the field.

  • Radio Frequency Identification RFID in der Automobilindustrie

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in der Automobilindustrie
    Sebastian Weigert

    Sebastian Weigert analysiert den Einsatz der RFID-Technologie anhand des Beispiels der Automobilindustrie.

  • Production Economics

    Production Economics
    Steven T. Hackman

    Each group could benefit from the other group's perspective. This book offers a unified, integrated point of view that bridges the gap between these two historically distinct perspectives.

  • Radioactive Waste

    Radioactive Waste
    Christian Streffer, Carl Friedrich Gethmann, Georg Kamp, Wolfgang Kröger, Eckard Rehbinder, Ortwin Renn

    Radioactive waste (above all highly radioactive wastes from nuclear installations) caused by research, medicine and technology must be disposed of safely.

  • Optimal Production Planning for PCB Assembly

    Optimal Production Planning for PCB Assembly
    William Ho, Ping Ji

    This is the first book to focus on the optimization of the PCB assembly lines efficiency.

  • Quantitative Models for Value Based Supply Chain Management

    Quantitative Models for Value-Based Supply Chain Management
    Marcus Brandenburg

    The book contributes to this research gap by proposing quantitative models that allow for assessing influences of SCM on the value of a firm.

  • Erh hung der Versorgungssicherheit in Supply Chains unter besonderer Ber cksichtigung  konomischer Aspekte

    Erhöhung der Versorgungssicherheit in Supply Chains unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ökonomischer Aspekte
    Jörg Englisch

    Zielsetzung der vorliegenden Arbeit ist das Aufzeigen und Einordnen von Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung der Versorgungssicherheit in Supply Chains unter besonderer Berücksichtigung ökonomischer Aspekte.

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