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  • A Lei de Murphy no Gerenciamento de Projetos

    A Lei de Murphy no Gerenciamento de Projetos

    A parte inicial do livro apresenta conceitos de projetos e demonstra que vivemos diversos projetos em nossas vidas.

  • Driving Project Program and Portfolio Success

    Driving Project, Program, and Portfolio Success
    Richard Maltzman, David Shirley

    This book helps project, program, and portfolio managers to integrate sustainability thinking into their projects.

  • The New Rules of Management

    The New Rules of Management
    Peter Cook

    In this guide to management in the 21st century, successful entrepreneur and international thought leader Peter Cook demonstrates that implementation is the lifeblood of innovation.

  • Improving Project Performance

    Improving Project Performance
    NA NA

    This book outlines the what and how of project management, emphasizing why actions matter, the overall intention of the formulaic steps, and the strengths or weakness of various tools and techniques.

  • Human Factors in Project Management

    Human Factors in Project Management
    Zachary Wong

    In Human Factors in Project Management, author Zachary Wong—a noted trainer and acclaimed leader of more than 250 project teams—provides a summary of "people-based" management skills and techniques that can be applied when working in a …

  • Leading Project Teams

    Leading Project Teams
    Anthony T. Cobb

    This practical book provides entry-level project tools and skills for newcomers to project management.

  • Global Project Management

    Global Project Management
    Jean Carlo Binder

    The text is filled with real-life examples and techniques and illustrates how to apply the recommendations as part of the successful management of any global project.

  • Drittmittelwettbewerb im universitĂ ren Forschungssektor

    Drittmittelwettbewerb im universitären Forschungssektor
    Nicolas Winterhager

    Der Inhalt Drittmittelfinanzierung im universitären Forschungssektor Auswirkungen des Drittmittelwettbewerbs auf die Forschung Wettbewerb in Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft Die Zielgruppen Dozierende und Studierende aller Fachgebiete, …

  • Strategic Excellence in the Architecture Engineering and Construction Industries

    Strategic Excellence in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries
    Gerhard Plenert, Joshua Plenert

    This book incorporates current best practices from cutting edge organizations around the globe and presents those in a way that they can easily be applied to A/E/C organizations through an efficient and effective process.

  • The Six Dimensions of Project Management

    The Six Dimensions of Project Management
    Michael S. Dobson, Michael S. Dobson PMP, Heidi A. Feickert

    Through case studies and practical exercises, The Six Dimensions of Project Management demonstrates the six possible combinations (or dimensions) of the “hierarchy of constraints"" (time, cost, and performance existing in a hierarchy of …

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