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  • Preventing Regulatory Capture

    Preventing Regulatory Capture
    Daniel Carpenter, David A. Moss

    Is capture truly as powerful and unpreventable as the informed consensus seems to suggest? This edited volume brings together seventeen scholars from across the social sciences to address this question.

  • Asset Prices Booms and Recessions

    Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions
    Willi Semmler

    The focus in this book is on theories, dynamic models and empirical evidence. Empirical applications relate to episodes of financial instability and financial crises of the U.S., Latin American, Asian as well as Euro-area countries.

  • The Changing Role of Export Credit Agencies

    The Changing Role of Export Credit Agencies
    Mr. Malcolm Stephens

    Edited by Malcolm Stephens, this book provides useful background information to those whose involvement in international trade and investment brings them into contact with the services of export credit agencies.

  • Making Fiscal Decentralization Work

    Making Fiscal Decentralization Work
    Ms. Annalisa Fedelino

    This book draws on both the relevant literature and policy and technical advice provided by the IMF to a wide range of member countries, and discusses the key factors that help make decentralization sustainable, efficient, and equitable …

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands
    International Monetary Fund

    The striking turnaround in the Netherlands' economic performance over the past decade and a half has attracted widespread attention.

  • Transforming Government and Building the Information Society

    Transforming Government and Building the Information Society
    Nagy K. Hanna

    In Transforming Government and Building the Information Society, Nagy Hanna draws on multi-disciplinary research on ICT in the public sector, and on his rich experience of over 35 years at the World Bank and other aid agencies, to identify …

  • Dismantling Russia s Nonpayments System Creating Conditions Volumes 23 471

    Dismantling Russia’s Nonpayments System: Creating Conditions …, Volumes 23-471
    Brian Pinto, Vladimir Drebentsov, Aleksandr Morozov

    One question preoccupies many scholars and practitioners: How can economic growth in the Russian Federation be reinvigorated?

  • The Politics of Public Management

    The Politics of Public Management
    David A. Good, Institute of Public Administration of Canada

    'This book contributes significantly to our understanding of public administration in general and of the relationships between public servants and other major political actors in particular .

  • The Future of State Taxation

    The Future of State Taxation
    David Brunori

    This collection of essays from leading tax scholars addresses a wide variety of issues concerning the major sources of state tax revenue and provides insight into what has worked in the past and what will or will not work in the future.

  • Public Finance

    Public Finance
    Joshua E Greene

    This book expands on issues like fiscal sustainability, state enterprises and the variety of subsidies, with a multi-country focus.

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