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  • Sustainable Development in Western China

    Sustainable Development in Western China
    Scott A. Waldron, John William Longworth, Colin G. Brown

    This study provides a guide to & analysis of the intricate web of policies & institutions that now impact on grassland degradation & sustainable development in China's pastoral region.

  • The Change Handbook c 68

    The Change Handbook c.68
    Juanita Brown, Ken Homer, David Isaacs

    This material has been excerpted from The Change Handbook, Second Edition edited by Peggy Holman, Tom Devane, and Steven Cady.

  • Africa Adjustment to the Challenges of Globalization

    Africa: Adjustment to the Challenges of Globalization
    Laura Wallace

    Edited by Laura Wallace, this volume presents the proceedings of a May 1998 seminar in Paris, organized jointly by the IMF and the Japanese Ministry of Finance, on ways to accelerate Africa's growth in our increasingly globalized world.

  • Off shoring the Middle Class

    Off-shoring the Middle Class
    Steve Mushero

    "Off-Shoring the Middle Class" explains how off-shoring affects society and workers at every level and outlines a course of action for each, including a mix of better public policy, more innovation, more relevant education, and …

  • The Change Cycle

    The Change Cycle
    Ann Salerno, Lillie Brock

    Offers a tested, six-stage approach for navigating common work-life transitions so that readers not only get through them but emerge stronger and better able to face the next challenge.

  • Innovative Relevance

    Innovative Relevance
    Mark Dangelo

    "Mark Dangelo's insight and pragmatic advice make this book a must read to all involved in an M&A. He brings clear visibility to the underlying causes of the disappointments so rampant in failing to meet pre-deal expectations.

  • Alliance of Civilizations

    Alliance of Civilizations
    Alliance of Civilizations. High-Level Group

    The Alliance of Civilizations was launched by the UN in 2005, with the co-sponsorship of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, with the aim of promoting a broad consensus across nations, cultures and religions based on the belief that all …

  • Real Time Strategic Change

    Real Time Strategic Change
    Robert H. Jacobs

    Real Time Strategic Change demonstrates the flexibility and power of this approach in stories from such diverse organizations as Marriott Hotels, Ford Motor Company, Kaiser Permanente, First Nationwide Bank, United Airlines, and a group of …

  • Changing Rural Systems In Oman

    Changing Rural Systems In Oman

    Published in the year 1999, Changing Rural Systems In Oman is a valuable contribution to the field of Asian Studies.

  • Diversity in Economic Growth

    Diversity in Economic Growth
    Gary McMahon, Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Lyn Squire

    Drawing on the knowledge and understanding of the local circumstances of researchers from the case-study countries, this text outlines the value of diversity in economic growth.

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