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  • Renaissance eLearning

    Renaissance eLearning
    Samantha Chapnick, Jimm Meloy

    With this book you’ll learn: How to make emotion and passion as important to eLearning as cognition and intellect How (and why!) to empower learners to take charge of their own experience How to get buy-in from stakeholders for …

  • ASTD s Ultimate Train the Trainer

    ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer
    Elaine Biech

    Authored by training's consummate professional, Elaine Biech, ""ASTD's Ultimate Train the Trainer"" is a 'must have' for every training manager's bookshelf.

  • Outsourcing Training and Development

    Outsourcing Training and Development
    Judith Hale

    "Buy this book and use it. What I like most about the book is that it does not paint outsourcing as the panacea that some might think that it is. Like anything else, outsourcing requires hard thinking, planning and managing.

  • Implementing the Four Levels

    Implementing the Four Levels
    Donald L. Kirkpatrick

    The purpose of this book is to make it easy for you, the reader, to understand the four levels that I (Don) have developed, and to obtain practical help on how to apply any one or all of them.

  • Freedom from Wealth The Experience and Strategies to Help Protect and Grow Private Wealth

    Freedom from Wealth: The Experience and Strategies to Help Protect and Grow Private Wealth
    Charles Lowenhaupt, Don Trone

    Charles A. Lowenhaupt is the founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Lowenhaupt Global Advisors and a managing member of Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff, LLC, the first U.S. law firm to concentrate in tax law, which was established by his …

  • You Can t Fire Everyone

    You Can’t Fire Everyone
    Hank Gilman

    But when it happens, these accidental bosses often find that learning to manage is like learning to swim by being dropped into the deep end of the pool. Hank Gilman knows what that's like.

  • What s Stopping Me from Getting Ahead

    What’s Stopping Me from Getting Ahead?
    Robert Goldfarb

    About the Book For more than 30 years, Robert W. Goldfarb has advised and coached managers on five continents in organizations of every type who got to a certain level of success in their careers and then stalled.

  • Building Leadership Development Programmes

    Building Leadership Development Programmes
    Nigel Paine

    Building Leadership Development Programmes is designed to show how leadership development should work.

  • 50 Activities for Diversity Training

    50 Activities for Diversity Training
    Jonamay Lambert, Selma Myers

    Includes learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.

  • The Blended Learning Book

    The Blended Learning Book
    Josh Bersin

    The Blended Learning Book is your user?s manual for implementing blended learning.

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