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  • Hidden Knowledge

    Hidden Knowledge
    D. W. Livingstone, Peter Harold Sawchuk

    This book offers an original contribution to understanding an often-ignored aspect of our knowledge society and the much-heralded 'knowledge-based economy.

  • Learning Unlimited

    Learning Unlimited
    Alastair Rylatt

    This is a guide to creating a learning organisation, where staff are encouraged to learn and develop skills that may not be directly relevant to their job.

  • The Value of Learning

    The Value of Learning
    Jack J. Phillips, Patricia Pulliam Phillips

    I recommend this book to anyone interested in proving the value of learning." —Michael J. Offerman, president, Capella University "Understanding the value of learning is critical for all business professionals.

  • An Appraisal of Batswana Extension Agents Work and Training Experiences

    An Appraisal of Batswana Extension Agents’ Work and Training Experiences
    Rebecca N. Lekoko

    Further, effective coordination requires basic skills of communication, leadership and management, personal and human relations, technical skills and relevant attitudinal orientations.The features described here are not exhaustive, but have …

  • Playing with Purpose

    Playing with Purpose
    Dr Helen Rachel Lawrence, Dr Steve Hutchinson

    Playing with Purpose shows how a facilitator, coach, manager, people developer or trainer can invent or reinvigorate an artificial learning experience and make it so much more than a game.The authors understand that a sustainable, creative …

  • Alternatives to Classrooms

    Alternatives to Classrooms
    Stella Louise Cowan

    This Info-line will give you the tools to better manage organizational learning in a world moving toward e-learning and other just-in-time strategies.

  • Renaissance eLearning

    Renaissance eLearning
    Samantha Chapnick, Jimm Meloy

    With this book you’ll learn: How to make emotion and passion as important to eLearning as cognition and intellect How (and why!) to empower learners to take charge of their own experience How to get buy-in from stakeholders for …

  • ASTD s Ultimate Train the Trainer

    ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer
    Elaine Biech

    Authored by training's consummate professional, Elaine Biech, ""ASTD's Ultimate Train the Trainer"" is a 'must have' for every training manager's bookshelf.

  • Implementing E learning

    Implementing E-learning
    John A. Cross, Jay Cross, Lance Dublin, American Society for Training and Development

    Want to build a powerful implementation and marketing strategy for your e-learning program?

  • Outsourcing Training and Development

    Outsourcing Training and Development
    Judith Hale

    "Buy this book and use it. What I like most about the book is that it does not paint outsourcing as the panacea that some might think that it is. Like anything else, outsourcing requires hard thinking, planning and managing.

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