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  • Yoga Wisdom at Work

    Yoga Wisdom at Work
    Maren S. Showkeir, James D. Showkeir

    But beyond that, this book is an invitation to use all of yoga’s teachings to cultivate the spark of the divine that dwells within each of us. The Enhanced Edition includes six videos (9 minutes) and seven audios (21 minutes).

  • Conquering Your Workplace

    Conquering Your Workplace
    Dilip Saraf

    Today's growingly precarious workplace presents unprecedented challenges that perplex even veteran employees.

  • Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management

    Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management
    Joseph J. Martocchio, Aparna Joshi, Hui Liao

    This series publishes monograph length conceptual papers designed to promote theory and research on important substantive and methodological topics in the field of human resources management.

  • Human System Integration in the System Development Process

    Human-System Integration in the System Development Process
    National Research Council, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Board on Human-Systems Integration, Committee on Human Factors, Committee on Human-System Design Support for Changing Technology

    This collection of development activities has come to be called human-system integration (HSI).

  • Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling

    Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling
    Rainbow Murray

    This examination of the role of gender stereotyping in media coverage of executive elections uses nine case studies from around the world to provide a unique comparative perspective. * Essays by 13 distinguished scholars combining research …

  • Employee Driven Innovation

    Employee-Driven Innovation
    Steen Høyrup, Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Cathrine Hasse, Kirsten Møller, Maja Lotz

    Offers unique perspective on advantages, disadvantages of processes of innovation that emerge in everyday working life, emphasizing an often overlooked driver of innovation, namely employees &how they engage in various collaborative forms …

  • The Professional Woman s Guide to Getting Promoted

    The Professional Woman’s Guide to Getting Promoted
    Lauren M. Hug, Andrew H. Hug

    Featuring worksheets, charts, exercises, and sample conversations, this unique book will help you create your personal career strategy and take customized steps towards advancement and success.

  • Praeger Handbook on Understanding and Preventing Workplace Discrimination 2 volumes

    Praeger Handbook on Understanding and Preventing Workplace Discrimination [2 volumes]
    Michele A. Paludi, Eros R. DeSouza, Carmen A. Paludi Jr.

    This comprehensive, two-volume handbook compiles the current case law, management practices, and social science research on workplace discrimination, including federal- and state-protected categories. • A chapter is included on each type …

  • Doing the Right Thing

    Doing the Right Thing
    Theo Theobald, Cary Cooper

    By combining cutting edge research with the down-to-earth reality of business life, Doing the Right Thing provides answers to stressful situations and sound strategies for a more harmonious workplace.

  •  e place in der Hauptverwaltung der IBM Deutschland

    »e-place« in der Hauptverwaltung der IBM Deutschland
    Michael Rupf, Jörg Kelter

    Wissenschaftlicher Aufsatz aus dem Jahr 2003 im Fachbereich Arbeitswissenschaft / Ergonomie, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Mit einem Umsatz von 81 Mrd. $ und 325.000 Mitarbeitern ist die IBM Corp. in allen Bereichen der IT-Industrie tätig …

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