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  • Tools for Design Using AutoCAD 2015 and Autodesk Inventor 2015

    Tools for Design Using AutoCAD 2015 and Autodesk Inventor 2015
    Randy Shih

    This book explores the strengths of each package and show how they can be used in design, both separately and in combination with each other.

  • Design of Embedded Control Systems

    Design of Embedded Control Systems
    Marian Andrzej Adamski, Andrei Karatkevich, Marek Wegrzyn

    This volume offers a wide spectrum of timely methods and techniques for the specification, analysis and implementation of embedded real-time systems.

  • Numerical Methods and Applications

    Numerical Methods and Applications
    Ivan Dimov, Stefka Dimova, Natalia Kolkovska

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Numerical Methods and Applications, NMA 2010, held in Borovets, Bulgaria, in August 2010.

  • Synthesis of Finite State Machines

    Synthesis of Finite State Machines
    Timothy Kam, Tiziano Villa, Robert K. Brayton, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

    Synthesis of Finite State Machines: Functional Optimization is one of two monographs devoted to the synthesis of Finite State Machines (FSMs). This volume addresses functional optimization, whereas the second addresses logic optimization.

  • SolidWorks 2011 Tutorial

    SolidWorks 2011 Tutorial
    David C. Planchard, Marie P. Planchard

    The text provides a student who is looking for a step-by-step project based approach to learning SolidWorks with an enclosed 1.5 hour Multi-media CD, SolidWorks model files, and preparation for the CSWA exam.

  • Direct Transistor Level Layout for Digital Blocks

    Direct Transistor-Level Layout for Digital Blocks
    Prakash Gopalakrishnan, Rob A. Rutenbar

    Algorithms that ignore these shape-level issues suffer the consequences when thousands of devices are poorly packed. The approach described in this book can pack devices much more densely than a typical cell-based layout.

  • Industrial Control Technology

    Industrial Control Technology
    Peng Zhang

    This handbook gives comprehensive coverage of all kinds of industrial control systems to help engineers and researchers correctly and efficiently implement their projects.

  • Power Distribution Networks with On Chip Decoupling Capacitors

    Power Distribution Networks with On-Chip Decoupling Capacitors
    Mikhail Popovich, Andrey V. Mezhiba, Eby G. Friedman

    The book provides insight and intuition into the behavior and design of integrated circuit-based power distribution systems. The book has three primary objectives.

  • AutoCADĀ 2011 A Problem Solving Approach

    AutoCADĀ® 2011: A Problem-Solving Approach
    Sham Tickoo

    This is a comprehensive resource with problems in each chapter that will challenge you,

  • AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies

    AutoCAD 2011 For Dummies
    David Byrnes

    Design with precision, explore your ideas in 3D, and create spectacular drawings If you're new to AutoCAD 2011 or just a little rusty, this book will start the wheels turning and keep you rolling in the right direction.

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