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  • Design of Embedded Control Systems

    Design of Embedded Control Systems
    Marian Andrzej Adamski, Andrei Karatkevich, Marek Wegrzyn

    This volume offers a wide spectrum of timely methods and techniques for the specification, analysis and implementation of embedded real-time systems.



    — I had no way to know that my beloved bosses were active members of the infamous Rosenberg ring.

  • Designing Reliable and Efficient Networks on Chips

    Designing Reliable and Efficient Networks on Chips
    Srinivasan Murali

    Developing NoC based interconnect tailored to a particular application domain, satisfying the application performance constraints with minimum power-area overhead is a major challenge.

  • Integrated Approaches in Information Technology and Web Engineering Advancing Organizational Knowledge Sharing

    Integrated Approaches in Information Technology and Web Engineering: Advancing Organizational Knowledge Sharing
    Alkhatib, Ghazi I.

    Provides a collection of authoritative articles from distinguished international researchers in information technology and Web engineering.

  • Networks for Grid Applications

    Networks for Grid Applications
    Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet, Tomohiro Kudoh, Joe Mambretti

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Conference on Networks for Grid Applications, GridNets 2008, held in Beijing, China in October 2008.

  • Robot Building for Teens

    Robot Building for Teens
    Behnam Salemi

    The projects in this book include the "Digital Brain Robot," the "Bug Bot," and even a robot on wheels!

  • Emergent Semantics

    Emergent Semantics
    Philippe Cudre-Mauroux

    This book describes a new way of building global agreements (semantic interoperability) based only on decentralized, self-organizing interactions.

  • Emerging Web Services Technology Volume 3

    Emerging Web Services Technology, Volume 3
    Walter Binder, Schahram Dustdar

    In addition, this volume features three papers from the ECOWS’08 business track. WEWST focuses on research contributions advancing the state of the art in Web Services technologies.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Intrusion Detection
    Zhenwei Yu, Jeffrey J P Tsai

    This important book introduces the concept of intrusion detection, discusses various approaches for intrusion detection systems (IDS), and presents the architecture and implementation of IDS.

  • Information Security

    Information Security
    George I. Davida, Yair Frankel

    The Information Security Conference 2001 brought together individuals involved in multiple disciplines of information security to foster the exchange of ideas.

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