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  • Continued Rise of the Cloud

    Continued Rise of the Cloud
    Zaigham Mahmood

    This book captures the state of the art in cloud technologies, infrastructures, and service delivery and deployment models.

  • Cervelli sconnessi

    Cervelli sconnessi
    Giuliano Santoro

    A più di venti anni dalla diffusione del Web, questo volume di Giuliano Santoro – autore di “Un Grillo qualunque”, il primo libro che ha analizzato il fenomeno del Movimento 5 Stelle – mette in fila storie, idee e dati per …

  • Locking Performance in Centralized Databases

    Locking Performance in Centralized Databases
    Y.C. Tay

    This book proposes a model that is powerful enough to help users understand, compare, and control the performance of the algorithms. Organized into four chapters, this book begins with an overview of the model in its simplest form.

  • Performance Testing With JMeter 2 9

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9
    Bayo Erinle

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9 is a standard tutorial that will help you polish your fundamentals, guide you through various advanced topics, and along the process help you learn new tools and skills.This book is for developers, …

  • Juniper QFX5100 Series

    Juniper QFX5100 Series
    Douglas Richard Hanks

    This book is chock-full of helpful technical illustrations and code examples to help you get started on all of the major architectures and features of Juniper QFX5100 switches, whether you’re an enterprise or service provider.

  • Smart Technologies

    Smart Technologies
    K Worden, W A Bullough, J Haywood

    This book is a general introduction to intelligent or smart materials, systems and machines.

  • Massively Parallel Processing Applications and Development

    Massively Parallel Processing Applications and Development
    L. Dekker, W. Smit, J.C. Zuidervaart

    The contributions of a diverse selection of international hardware and software specialists are assimilated in this book's exploration of the development of massively parallel processing (MPP).

  • MIT Project Athena

    MIT Project Athena
    Gerard Meurant

    Based on thousands of pages of reports and the author's own experience, this important book lets you in on the design, implementation, and performance of Project Athena – now a production system of networked workstations that is replacing …

  • Facebook for Seniors

    Facebook for Seniors
    Carrie Ewin, Chris Ewin, Cheryl Ewin

  • Learn Google

    Learn Google
    Michael Busby

    This book is the only book of its kind on the market covering how to use the basic, intermediate, and advanced search modifiers Google makes available to users.

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