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  • Socio Technical and Human Cognition Elements of Information Systems

    Socio-Technical and Human Cognition Elements of Information Systems
    Clarke, Steve

    This title brings together chapters from Europe, Australasia, Canada and the Americas, all drawn together by the common theme of the book.

  • Crypto Anarchy Cyberstates and Pirate Utopias

    Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias
    Peter Ludlow

    A wide-ranging collection of writings on emerging political structures in cyberspace.

  • Cyberethics

    Richard Spinello

    Revised and updated to reflect new technologies in the field, the fourth edition of this popular text takes an in-depth look at the social costs and moral problems that have emerged by the ever expanding use of the Internet, and offers up …

  • Dynamic Perception

    Dynamic Perception
    Uwe J. Ilg, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Hanspeter A. Mallot

    Growing up as a Michigan farm boy with a bone-deep loathing of farming, Ford intuitively saw the advantages of internal combustion. Resourceful and fearless, he built his first gasoline engine out of scavenged industrial scraps.

  • Cyberidentities

    Leen Haenens, Alan L. Cobb, International Council for Canadian Studies, University of Ottawa. Institute of Canadian Studies

    This innovative study explores diverse aspects of Canadian and European identity on the information highway and reaches beyond technical issues to confront and explore communication, culture and the culture of communication.

  • Mobile Service Robotics

    Mobile Service Robotics
    Krzysztof Kozłowski, Mohammad O Tokhi, Gurvinder S Virk

    Engineers and practitioners in the public services sectors in health care, manufacturing, supply and delivery services. Key Features:The book will contain extended versions of the conference presentations.

  • Cyborg Citizen

    Cyborg Citizen
    Chris Hables Gray

    The creator of the cult classic Cyborg Handbook, Chris Hables Gray, now offers the first guide to ""posthuman"" politics, framing the key issues that could threaten or brighten our technological future.

  • Robust Modal Control with a Toolbox for Use with MATLAB Superscript  Superscript

    Robust Modal Control with a Toolbox for Use with MATLAB®
    Jean-François Magni

    The proposed newtools include: minimum energy eigenvector selection, low orderobserver-based control design, conversion to observer-basedcontrollers, a new multimodel design technique, and modal analysis.The text is accompanied by a CD-ROM …

  • Designing for Human Machine Symbiosis Using the URANOS Model Emerging Research and Opportunities

    Designing for Human-Machine Symbiosis Using the URANOS Model: Emerging Research and Opportunities
    Hadorn, Benjamin

    Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant topics, such as pervasive computing systems, smart environments, and smart industrial machines, this book is ideally designed for researchers, engineers, and professionals seeking …

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning

    Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning
    Dov Gabbay

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Joint Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning, ECSQARU-FAPR'97, held in Bad Honnef, Germany, in June 1997.

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