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  • Programming the Mobile Web

    Programming the Mobile Web
    Maximiliano Firtman

    If you're an experienced web developer, this book shows you how to build a standard app core that you can extend to work with specific devices.

  • Optimization Based Data Mining Theory and Applications

    Optimization Based Data Mining: Theory and Applications
    Yong Shi, Yingjie Tian, Gang Kou, Yi Peng, Jianping Li

    Most of the material in this book is directly from the research and application activities that the authors’ research group has conducted over the last ten years.

  • LNA ESD Co Design for Fully Integrated CMOS Wireless Receivers

    LNA-ESD Co-Design for Fully Integrated CMOS Wireless Receivers
    Paul Leroux, Michiel Steyaert

    The book is essential reading for RF design engineers and researchers in the field and is also suitable as a text book for an advanced course on the subject.

  • Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

    Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
    Xiaoli Chu, David López-Pérez, Yang Yang, Fredrik Gunnarsson

    Written by leading figures from industry and academia, this is an invaluable resource for all researchers and practitioners working in the field of mobile communications"–

  • The iPhone Pocket Guide

    The iPhone Pocket Guide
    Christopher Breen

    Looks at the diverse capabilities of the latest version of the iPhone, covering such topics as e-mail, Web browsing, maps, search functions, making phone calls and accessing the address book, and navigating through music, TV shows, and …

  • Internet QoS

    Internet QoS
    Zheng Wang

    This book gives a comprehensive view of key technologies and discusses various analytical techniques to help you get the most out of network resources as you strive to make, and adhere to, meaningful QoS guarantees. * Includes valuable …

  • Bluetooth Profiles

    Bluetooth Profiles
    Dean A. Gratton

    Gratton details the usage scenarios for Bluetooth, known as Profiles, essentially defining the end-user applications and their interoperability requirements.

  • Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium sized Enterprises

    Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-sized Enterprises
    Nabeel A. Y. Al-Qirim

    The book aims at addressing issues that are of importance to researchers, to students, and to professionals interested in the eCommerce field in SMEs and hence, interested in addressing issues pertaining to theory and to practice.

  • Secure Computers and Networks

    Secure Computers and Networks
    Eric A. Fisch, Gregory B. White

    This updated guide presents expert information on analyzing, designing, and implementing all aspects of computer network security.

  • Ultra Wideband Short Pulse Electromagnetics 8

    Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 8
    Carl E. Baum, Alexander P. Stone, J. Scott Tyo

    Topical areas covered in this volume include pulse radiation and measurement, scattering theory, target detection and identification, antennas, signal processing, and communications.

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