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  • The Future of the Electronic Marketplace

    The Future of the Electronic Marketplace
    Derek Leebaert

    An illustrated, timely, authoritative collection of essays shows how the world's major companies are responding to the birth, with the Internet, of the electronic marketplace and the changes it has wrought on the relationship of vendors and …

  • Strategies for Generating E business Returns on Investment

    Strategies for Generating E-business Returns on Investment
    Namchul Shin

    This volume examines how the difficulty might be overcome.

  • Innovation

    Aloys Prinz, Albert Eelke Steenge, Jörg Schmidt

    Based on this general hypothesis, researchers of the School of Business, Public Administration and Technology of the University of Twente and the Institute of Public Economics of the University of Muenster presented papers at a seminar at …

  • Global E Government Theory Applications and Benchmarking

    Global E-Government: Theory, Applications and Benchmarking
    Al-Hakim, Latif

    This book provides helpful examples from practitioners and managers involving real-life applications; academics and researchers contribute theoretical insights"–Provided by publisher.

  • Digital Communities in a Networked Society

    Digital Communities in a Networked Society
    Manuel J. Mendes, Reima Suomi, Carlos Passos

    The book contains recent results of research and development in the areas of: -E-government, -Business models of e-applications, -Innovative structures in the internet, -Auctions and e-payment, -Future aspects of communication, -Internet …

  • Instructional Technologies

    Instructional Technologies
    Paul Darbyshire

    E-Commerce and M-Commerce Technologies explores the emerging area of mobile commerce. The chapters in this book look specifically at the development of emerging technologies and their application in Internet commerce.

  • E Business and Distributed Systems Handbook

    E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook
    Amjad Umar

    This module of the handbook concentrates on solution architectures through components.

  • Tricks of the eBay Masters

    Tricks of the eBay Masters
    Michael Miller

    Take the mystery out of eBay and the enviable PowerSellers. Tricks of the eBay Masters, Second Edition is full of advice and over 600 tricks from expert eBay users. They learned by doing and are now going to pass on their wisdom to you.

  • EBay Income

    EBay Income
    Cheryl Lynn Russell, John N. Peragine

  • Secure E Government Web Services

    Secure E-Government Web Services
    Mitrakas, Andreas

    "This book addresses various aspects of building secure E-Government architectures and services; it presents views of experts from academia, policy and the industry to conclude that secure E-Government web services can be deployed in an …

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