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  • branding thedigitalage

    [email protected]
    H. Meyers, R. Gerstman

    An authoritative and entertaining guide from two top-branding experts focuses on the strategic role of e-branding and offers a wealth of tips, advice, and techniques for building consumer communities, combining online and offline marketing …

  • The Future of the Electronic Marketplace

    The Future of the Electronic Marketplace
    Derek Leebaert

    An illustrated, timely, authoritative collection of essays shows how the world's major companies are responding to the birth, with the Internet, of the electronic marketplace and the changes it has wrought on the relationship of vendors and …

  • Strategies for Generating E business Returns on Investment

    Strategies for Generating E-business Returns on Investment
    Namchul Shin

    This volume examines how the difficulty might be overcome.

  • Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs

    Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs
    Florian Steiner

    In the past, research focused on management issues of such webs but neglected the important question of how they actually came into being. The present book explicitly examines the formation and early growth of business webs.

  • E Business and Distributed Systems Handbook

    E-Business and Distributed Systems Handbook
    Amjad Umar

    This module of the handbook concentrates on solution architectures through components.

  • Secure E Government Web Services

    Secure E-Government Web Services
    Mitrakas, Andreas

    "This book addresses various aspects of building secure E-Government architectures and services; it presents views of experts from academia, policy and the industry to conclude that secure E-Government web services can be deployed in an …

  • Managing e business Projects

    Managing e-business Projects
    Thomas Stoehr

    This book provides a solid framework for managing e-business projects.

  • Web Information Systems and Technologies

    Web Information Systems and Technologies
    Valérie Monfort, Karl-Heinz Krempels, Tim A. Majchrzak, Žiga Turk

    This book constitutes revised selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, WEBIST 2015, held in Lisbon, Portugal, May 20-22, 2015, organized by the Institute for Systems and …

  • Beginning Google Blogger

    Beginning Google Blogger
    Heather Wright-Porto

    The book offers step-by-step instructions and visual aids which walk you through both the basics of Blogger and the advanced features it offers—from creating a new blog and choosing fonts and colors, and installing custom blog graphics; …

  • eBusiness eCommerce

    eBusiness & eCommerce
    Andreas Meier, Henrik Stormer

    Mehrere Kapitel wurden teilweise stark überarbeitet. Auf der Website stehen Folien für Ausbildungszwecke zur Verfügung.

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