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  • Grimpez vers le Top 100  dition 2016

    Grimpez vers le Top 100, Édition 2016
    Jacques-Line Vandroux, Jacques Vandroux

    Vous souhaitez publier un manuscrit et devenir auteur indépendant ? Facilitez-vous la tâche en découvrant le parcours de Jacques Vandroux. Jacques Vandroux a publié son premier roman sur Amazon en février 2012.

  • WordPress 4 x Complete

    WordPress 4.x Complete
    Karol Król

    If you want a website at low cost, without the need to hire a team of developers and designers, then this book is for you. It will help you take your first steps into the world of website creation.

  • The Newbie Author s Survival Guide

    The Newbie Author’s Survival Guide
    A.K. Taylor

    Comparing the book marketing wilderness with the real wilderness is how Taylor viewed the publishing world around her. Growing up in the woods and learning survival skills has given her this unique viewpoint for a different kind of world.

  • ELearning with Dreamweaver MX

    ELearning with Dreamweaver MX
    Betsy Bruce

    Explains how to design and implement online learning applications using Dreamweaver MX, covering topics such as creating interactions without scripting, using templates, and integrating with a tracking database.

  • Print Is Dead

    Print Is Dead
    Jeff Gomez

    Contends that printed books will be replaced by digital books and that book distributors and readers should actively support the transformation by encouraging digital book creation and the standards required for storage and delivery.

  • Programming Data driven Web Applications with ASP NET

    Programming Data-driven Web Applications with ASP.NET
    Donny Mack, Doug Seven

    The key to making information instantly available on the Web is integrating the Web site and the database to work as one piece. The authors teach this using ASP.NET, server-side controls, ADO+, XML, and SOAP.

  • Beginning Dreamweaver MX 2004

    Beginning Dreamweaver MX 2004
    Charles E. Brown, Imar Spaanjaars, Todd Marks

    Intended for novices who own Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000, this guide introduces the basic tools of Dreamweaver MX for creating a hobbyist web site, builds a soccer fan site using server- side techniques, and describes the …

  • Emerging Technologies in Wireless Ad hoc Networks Applications and Future Development

    Emerging Technologies in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks: Applications and Future Development
    Aquino-Santos, Raul

    In addition, this work explores emerging wireless ad hoc technologies based on communication coverage areas: body sensor networks, personal area networks, local area networks, and metropolitan area networks and their applications in …

  • Editore nei social media

    Editore nei social media
    Federica Dardi

    Gli editori sono abituati ad avere con i lettori un rapporto mediato.

  • Textual Studies and the Enlarged Eighteenth Century

    Textual Studies and the Enlarged Eighteenth Century
    Kevin L. Cope, Robert C. Leitz III

    Who is accessing what—and who is not? Which authors and which topics get lost in the processor-driven shuffle? How do electronic tools bias scholarship? What are the disadvantages of databases?

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