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  • Convergence and Knowledge Processing in Multi Agent Systems

    Convergence and Knowledge Processing in Multi-Agent Systems
    Maria Chli, Philippe de Wilde

    In this book we investigate issues of agent systems related to convergence and interactivity using techniques from agent based modelling to simulate complex systems, and demonstrate that interactivity/exchange and convergence in multi-agent …

  • Using the STL

    Using the STL
    Robert Robson

    A comprehensive introduction and guide to the STL, pitched at the level of readers already familiar with C++.

  • Trends in Enterprise Application Architecture

    Trends in Enterprise Application Architecture
    Dirk Draheim, Gerald Weber

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed postproceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Trends in Enterprise Application Architecture, TEAA 2006.

  • Applying Computational Intelligence

    Applying Computational Intelligence
    Arthur Kordon

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.

  • AI 88

    AI ’88
    Christopher J. Barter, Michael J. Brooks

    The broad objective of this conference series is to bring business, industry and researchers together to consider the current activities and future potential of artificial intelligence, encompassing both practical and theoretical issues.

  • Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine and Biology

    Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine and Biology
    H. Malmgren, M. Borga, L. Niklasson

    This book contains the proceedings of the conference ANNIMAB-l, held 13-16 May 2000 in Goteborg, Sweden.

  • Autonomous Sensor Networks

    Autonomous Sensor Networks
    Daniel Filippini

    This volume surveys recent research on autonomous sensor networks from the perspective of enabling technologies that support medical, environmental and military applications.

  • Interactions with Search Systems

    Interactions with Search Systems
    Ryen W. White

    This book describes advances in technology, data availability, and searcher expectations around next-generation search engines.

  • Pervasive Healthcare Computing

    Pervasive Healthcare Computing
    Upkar Varshney

    This book is written primarily for university faculty and graduate students in the field of healthcare technologies, and industry professionals involved in healthcare IT research, design, and development.

  • The New Userâ s Guide to the Sun Workstation

    The New User’s Guide to the Sun Workstation
    Michael Russo

    All examples will refer to the machine name 1 tahoe. This is done to make the references to a system prompt consistent and avoid confusion. You should use this book in conjunction with the Sun manual pages included with your system.

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