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  •             Android

    石原正樹, 松尾源

    本書は多くの企業が力を入れている,プロジェクトマネジメント力を強化するのための解説書です。米国PMIがまとめた「PMBOKガイド」の内容をもとに …

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    Как найти и скачать в Интернете любые файлы, 3 изд.
    Райтман Михаил Анатольевич

    Описан ряд эффективных, в том числе и неочевидных, приемов поиска информации и нужных файлов. Даны советы и рекомендации по …

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    Анонимность и безопасность в Интернете. От чайника к пользователю
    Колисниченко Денис Николаевич

    Простым и понятным языком рассказано, как скрыть свое местонахождение и IP-адрес, используя анонимные сети Tor и I2P, посетить …

  • Government 2 0

    Government 2.0
    William D. Eggers

    ' This book is proactive in nature (see what these governments are really doing), does not call for a wholesale and costly transformation, and employs a subtle shaming of those governments that have not yet joined the 21st century.

  • Building Scalable Web Sites

    Building Scalable Web Sites
    Cal Henderson

    A guide to developing Web sites using scalable applications.

  • Service Oriented Computing

    Service-Oriented Computing
    Munindar P. Singh, Michael N. Huhns

    This comprehensive text explains the principles and practice of Web services and relates all concepts to practical examples and emerging standards.

  • Access Controlled

    Access Controlled
    Ronald Deibert, John Palfrey, Rafal Rohozinski, Jonathan Zittrain, Miklos Haraszti

    The book, a project from the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), a collaboration of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies, Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, and the SecDev Group, offers …

  • HTML 4 For Dummies

    HTML 4 For Dummies
    Ed Tittel, Mary Burmeister

    Written by a computer expert and author of over 120 books, including the previous editions of the bestselling HTML 4 For Dummies, this straightforward, fun guide will aid you through making and editing beautiful Web pages.

  • Child Abuse on the Internet

    Child Abuse on the Internet
    Carlos A. Arnaldo

    Not only do they necessitate complex solutions, they also demand a social response from all sectors of society. This volume records the response of these various sectors and shows how individuals and organizations can cooperate effectively.

  • E Governance in India

    E-Governance in India
    Bidisha Chaudhuri

    This book analyses e-Governance in India and argues that such initiatives did not take place in isolation but followed in the footsteps of broader governance reform agenda that has already made considerable impact on the discourses and …

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