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  • GPU Computing Gems Jade Edition

    GPU Computing Gems Jade Edition

    The book also proposes an alternative approach that balances computation regardless of node degree variance. This book will be useful to application developers in a wide range of application areas.

  • Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications

    Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications
    Ahmad Ibrahim

    Fuzzy Logic for Embedded Systems Applications, by a recognized expert in the field, covers all the basic theory relevant to electronics design, with particular emphasis on embedded systems, and shows how the techniques can be applied to …

  • Embedded Software

    Embedded Software
    Colin Walls

    Embedded Software: The Works covers all the key subjects embedded engineers need to understand in order to succeed, including Design and Development, Programming, Languages including C/C++, and UML, Real Time Operating Systems …

  • Shared Memory Application Programming

    Shared Memory Application Programming
    Victor Alessandrini

    This book guides readers to develop insights about threaded programming and introduces two popular platforms for multicore development: OpenMP and Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB).

  • PIC Microcontroller

    PIC Microcontroller
    Han-Way Huang

    This book presents a thorough introduction to the Microchip PIC microcontroller family, including all of the PIC programming and interfacing for all the peripheral functions.

  • Sequential Logic

    Sequential Logic
    Joseph Cavanagh

    Because this volume is technology-independent, these techniques can be used in a variety of fields, such as electrical and computer engineering as well as nanotechnology.

  • See MIPS Run

    See MIPS Run
    Dominic Sweetman

    See MIPS Run, Second Edition, is not only a thorough update of the first edition, it is also a marriage of the best-known RISC architecture–MIPS–with the best-known open-source OS–Linux.

  • Arduino Microcontroller

    Arduino Microcontroller
    Steven Barrett

    This book is about the Arduino microcontroller and the Arduino concept.

  • PIC

    John Morton

    This book guides a PIC user from their first sight of a PIC microcontroller to making the PIC work in the real world. Detailed examples show just how powerful and useful a PIC can be.

  • Embedded DSP Processor Design

    Embedded DSP Processor Design
    Dake Liu

    This book provides design methods for Digital Signal Processors and Application Specific Instruction set Processors, based on the author's extensive, industrial design experience.

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