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  • Entwurf und Verarbeitung relationaler Datenbanken

    Entwurf und Verarbeitung relationaler Datenbanken
    Nikolai Preiß

    Man kennt zwar heute geeignete Methoden, Unstimmigkeiten im Datenbestand zu vermeiden, mit denen man sowohl kleine als auch große Datenstände optimal strukturieren und verwalten kann.

  • Optimization Based Data Mining Theory and Applications

    Optimization Based Data Mining: Theory and Applications
    Yong Shi, Yingjie Tian, Gang Kou, Yi Peng, Jianping Li

    Most of the material in this book is directly from the research and application activities that the authors’ research group has conducted over the last ten years.

  • Information Systems Development

    Information Systems Development
    Olegas Vasilecas, Albertas Caplinskas, Gregory Wojtkowski, Wita Wojtkowski, Jože Zupancic, Stanislaw Wrycza

  • Distributed Programming

    Distributed Programming
    A. Udaya Shankar

    Programmers, software engineers and researchers working in this field will also find this book useful.

  • Keeping the U S Computer Industry Competitive

    Keeping the U.S. Computer Industry Competitive:
    Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications, National Research Council

    In this book, industry leaders, university researchers, and government policymakers discuss what systems integration is, its importance and prospects for growth, why it is expected to define the characteristics of computerization for …

  • XML by Example

    XML by Example
    Benoît Marchal

    A guide for those familiar with HTML offers an overview of XML technology, covering syntax, document type definitions, XML stylesheet language, cascading style sheets, XML parsing, and Java servlets.

  • Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems

    Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
    Hartmut König, Kurt Geihs, Thomas Preuss

    Distribution and interoperability in heterogeneous computing environments are the key requirements for state-of-the-art information processing systems.

  • Market Oriented Grid and Utility Computing

    Market-Oriented Grid and Utility Computing
    Rajkumar Buyya, Kris Bubendorfer

    The first single-source reference covering the state of the art in grid and utility computing economy research This book presents the first integrated, single-source reference on market-oriented grid and utility computing.

  • Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine DICOM

    Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
    Oleg S. Pianykh

    This is the second edition of a very popular book on DICOM that introduces this complex standard from a very practical point of view.

  • Windows Administration at the Command Line for Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows XP and Windows 2000

    Windows Administration at the Command Line for Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000
    John Paul Mueller

    As the only complete reference for Windows command line utilities, this book take an in-depth look at the often-overlooked utilities accessible through the command line in Windows Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000.

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