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  • Neural Networks with R

    Neural Networks with R
    Giuseppe Ciaburro, Balaji Venkateswaran

    About This Book Develop a strong background in neural networks with R, to implement them in your applications Build smart systems using the power of deep learning Real-world case studies to illustrate the power of neural network models Who …

  • Hybrid Methods in Pattern Recognition

    Hybrid Methods in Pattern Recognition
    H Bunke, A Kandel

    Furthermore, the book deals with applications in on-line and off-line handwriting recognition, remotely sensed image interpretation, fingerprint identification, and automatic text categorization.

  • Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience

    Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience
    Randall C. O’Reilly, Yuko Munakata

    Thus the text provides the student with knowledge of the basic biology of the brain as well as the computational skills needed to simulate large-scale cognitive phenomena. The text consists of two parts.

  • Advances in Large Margin Classifiers

    Advances in Large Margin Classifiers
    Alexander J. Smola

    This book shows how this idea applies to both the theoretical analysis and the design of algorithms. The book provides an overview of recent developments in large margin classifiers, examines connections with other methods (e.g.

  • Information Theoretic Neural Computation

    Information Theoretic Neural Computation
    Ryotaro Kamimura

    This book presents a new approach to modeling complex information processing in living systems. Traditional information-theoretic methods in neural networks are unified in one framework, i.e. a-entropy.

  • Pattern Recognition And Big Data

    Pattern Recognition And Big Data
    Pal Sankar Kumar, Pal Amita

    Containing twenty six contributions by experts from all over the world, this book presents both research and review material describing the evolution and recent developments of various pattern recognition methodologies, ranging from …

  • Data Analysis for Network Cyber Security

    Data Analysis for Network Cyber-Security
    Niall Adams, Nicholas Heard

    However, such methods do not scale well to the demands of real problems, and the critical aspect of the timing of communications events is not accounted for in these approaches.This book gathers papers from leading researchers to provide …

  • C mo funciona tu cerebro para Dummies

    Cómo funciona tu cerebro para Dummies
    Néstor Braidot

    ¿Cómo lo hace el cerebro para aprender y memorizar? ¿Hasta qué punto somos seres racionales, emocionales o instintivos? ¿Por qué tu cerebro es diferente al de tu pareja? ¿Si te hicieran un trasplante de cerebro, seguirías siendo tú …

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Computer Systems

    Analysis and Synthesis of Computer Systems
    Erol Gelenbe, I. Mitrani

    This book will have a broad appeal to students, practitioners and researchers in several different areas, including practicing computer engineers as well as computer science and engineering students.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence
    Mohit Thakkar

    This book can be used by: Ø Students to prepare for their examinations Ø Professionals to prepare for job interviews. Ø Individuals willing to have a basic understanding of the domain: Artificial Intelligence. Happy Reading! 😄

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