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  • Noah Webster of Smileys

    Noah Webster of Smileys
    David Sanderson, Dale Dougherty

    A showcase of the use of smileys–the computer underground hieroglyphs that originally showed up in e-mail messages–provides readers with a peek at electronic e-mail culture. Original.

  • Entwurf eines berufsbegleitenden Aufbaustudiengangs f r Software Engineering

    Entwurf eines berufsbegleitenden Aufbaustudiengangs für Software-Engineering
    Andreas Fleischmann

    Diplomarbeit aus dem Jahr 2002 im Fachbereich Informatik – Didaktik, Note: 1.0, Technische Universit t Darmstadt (Institut f r Informatik), 49 Eintragungen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Anmerkungen: Die TU Darmstadt m chte ihr …

  • Performance Testing With JMeter 2 9

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9
    Bayo Erinle

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9 is a standard tutorial that will help you polish your fundamentals, guide you through various advanced topics, and along the process help you learn new tools and skills.This book is for developers, …

  • How to Become an It Architect

    How to Become an It Architect
    Cristian Bojinca

    This book defines the various types of IT architecture in the industry and highlights the rewards of becoming an architect as well as explores the details of the deliverables, project structure, and how to approach their creation.

  • Understanding Linux Network Internals

    Understanding Linux Network Internals
    Christian Benvenuti

    Benvenuti describes the relationship between the Internet's TCP/IP implementation and the Linux Kernel so that programmers and advanced administrators can modify and fine-tune their network environment.

  • Simply Scheme

    Simply Scheme
    Brian Harvey, Matthew Wright

    Showing off scheme – Functions – Expressions – Defining your own procedures – Words and sentences – True and false – Variables – Higher-order functions – Lambda – Introduction to recursion – The leap of faith – How recursion works – Common …

  • Apache

    Ben Laurie, Peter Laurie

    Describes the history of the Web server platform and covers downloading and compiling, configuring and running the program on UNIX, writing specialized modules, and establishing security routines.

  • Business Models and People Management in the Indian IT Industry

    Business Models and People Management in the Indian IT Industry
    Ashish Malik, Chris Rowley

    This book will appeal to researchers, students and practitioners, particularly in the fields of human resources and strategic management.

  • BeagleBone Cookbook

    BeagleBone Cookbook
    Mark A. Yoder, Jason Kridner

    If you’re new to BeagleBone Black, or want to explore more of its capabilities, this cookbook provides scores of recipes for connecting and talking to the physical world with this credit-card-sized computer.

  • Python in a Nutshell

    Python in a Nutshell
    Alex Martelli, Anna Ravenscroft, Steve Holden

    This edition covers: Python syntax, Object-Oriented Python, standard library modules, and third-party Python packages Python’s support for file and text operations, persistence and databases, concurrent execution, and numeric computations …

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