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  • Spatial Language

    Spatial Language
    Kenny R. Coventry, P. Olivier

    The book will appeal to all those interested in spatial language and spatial representation, whether they work in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, cognitive psychology or linguistics.

  • The Waveform Model of Vowel Perception and Production

    The Waveform Model of Vowel Perception and Production
    Michael A. Stokes

    This book presents a new model of vowel perception and production derived from visual cues identified in waveform displays.

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking For Dummies

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking For Dummies
    Stephanie Diamond

    Here are the secrets to launching, training, and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

  • After Effects Work

    After Effects @ Work
    Richard Harrington

    Provides tutorials that cover the techniques of Adobe After Effects, with instructions for such projects as broadcast animation, music video compositing, and DVD menu graphics.

  • Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

    Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems
    Tyson Macaulay, Bryan L. Singer

    The book examines the plethora of potential threats to ICS, including hi-jacking malware, botnets, spam engines, and porn dialers.

  • Podcasting Pocket Guide

    Podcasting Pocket Guide
    Kirk McElhearn, Richard Giles, Jack Herrington

    Podcasting Pocket Guide is a non-technical guide for the non-geek who wants in on this revolutionary new online medium–for those interested in enjoying the best podcasts or producing them.

  • Dynamic Speech Models

    Dynamic Speech Models
    Li Deng

    Dynamic Speech Models provides a comprehensive overview of mathematical models of speech dynamics and addresses the following issues:" How do we make sense of the complex speech process in terms of its functional role of speech …

  • Speech and Audio Processing

    Speech and Audio Processing
    Ian Vince McLoughlin

    With its pragmatic and application driven focus, and concise explanations, this is an essential resource for anyone who wants to rapidly gain a practical understanding of speech and audio processing and technology.

  • Programming Voice Interfaces

    Programming Voice Interfaces
    Walter Quesada, Bob Lautenbach

    This practical book is ideal for software engineers who build applications for the Web, smartphones, as well as embedded systems that dominate the IoT space.

  • Speech Enhancement in the Karhunen LoĆ ve Expansion Domain

    Speech Enhancement in the Karhunen-LoĆØve Expansion Domain
    Jacob Benesty, Jingdong Chen, Yiteng Huang

    This book is devoted to the study of the problem of speech enhancement whose objective is the recovery of a signal of interest (i.e., speech) from noisy observations.

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