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  • Programming the Mobile Web

    Programming the Mobile Web
    Maximiliano Firtman

    If you're an experienced web developer, this book shows you how to build a standard app core that you can extend to work with specific devices.

  • Adobe ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit Volume 3

    Adobe ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit, Volume 3
    Ben Forta, Charlie Arehart, Jeffrey Bouley, Raymond Camden, Sarge Sargent, Robi Sen, Jeff Tapper, Matt Tatam

    Converts average users to experts with advanced ColdFusion techniques.

  • Codin for the Web

    Codin’ for the Web
    Charles Wyke-Smith

    The guide covers everything from Web coding concepts and principles to building sites, designing visual interfaces, developing databases, developing middleware, ensuring a good user experience (through good code!), testing and debugging, …

  • Mastering Lob Development for Silverlight 5

    Mastering Lob Development for Silverlight 5
    Braulio Diez, Rocio Serrano

    If you are a developer with experience of other technologies, you may also find this book useful.

  • Creating a Website The Missing Manual

    Creating a Website: The Missing Manual
    Matthew MacDonald

    Think you need an army of skilled programmers to build a website? Think again. With nothing more than an ordinary PC, some raw ambition, and this book, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a professional-looking, visitor-friendly site.

  • The New Language of Business

    The New Language of Business
    Sandy Carter

    In The New Language of Business, one of IBM’s top SOA strategist demonstrates how business leaders can use innovations in technology to drive dramatic process improvements and support accelerating change.

  • Web Site Usability

    Web Site Usability
    Jared M. Spool

    Based on data collected from research conducted at UIE (User Interface Engineering), this book describes how well or poorly some information-rich Web sites performed when real users attempted to find specific answers.

  • Web Data Mining

    Web Data Mining
    Bing Liu

    The book offers a rich blend of theory and practice, addressing seminal research ideas, as well as examining the technology from a practical point of view.

  • XLink Essentials

    XLink Essentials
    Andrew Watt, R. Allen Wyke, TIPS Technical Publishing

    Offering many pertinent examples of how XPath technology operates, this book shows how XPath allows XML data to be restructured so that it can be transformed, displayed, and exchanged among companies that may not be using the same DTDs or …

  • Sass and Compass for Designers

    Sass and Compass for Designers
    Ben Frain

    A step-by-step tutorial guide, taking you through how to build a responsive Sass and Compass powered website.If you understand HTML and CSS, this book is all you need to take your code to the next level with Sass and Compass.

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