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  • Healing Herbal Teas

    Healing Herbal Teas
    Brigitte Mars

    In Healing Herbal Teas, you'll find profiles of forty-five common herbs with extraordinary therapeutic potential, along with advice on obtaining, storing, and brewing teas from them.

  • Under the Table

    Under the Table
    Kevin C. Fitzpatrick

    The book also features a special selection of twenty first–century speakeasy-style recipes from the country’s top mixologists.

  • From Kansas to Kenya an Uncommon Road for Wine Lovers

    From Kansas to Kenya: an Uncommon Road for Wine Lovers
    Wayne R. Schreiner

    The wine world has much more to offer than Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and this book casually introduces the reader to surprisingly affordable yet equally discriminating wine alternatives.

  • Hungry Girl Happy Hour

    Hungry Girl Happy Hour
    Lisa Lillien

    Margaritas and cosmos and mudslides, oh my! Blended drinks, mixed drinks, fruity drinks . . . any and every cocktail you desire is here in Hungry Girl Happy Hour, and they've all got HG's guilt-free guarantee!

  • Reading between the Wines

    Reading between the Wines
    Terry Theise

    Acclaimed importer and wine guru Terry Theise, long known for his top-notch portfolio and his illustrious writing, now offers this opinionated, idiosyncratic, and beautifully written testament to wine.

  • Diabetes mellitus ganz nat rlich behandeln

    Diabetes mellitus ganz natürlich behandeln
    Sven-David Müller

    Die Elemente der „Kneipp-Medizin“ und den kneippschen Präventionsgedanken haben eine große Bedeutung in der Vorbeugung und der Therapie einer der wichtigsten Volkskrankheiten überhaupt.

  • Low Carb Cocktails

    Low-Carb Cocktails
    Douglas J. Markham

    Let Low-Carb Cocktails help you raise a glass to easy spirits, improved drinking habits, and a healthy, balanced life. Cheers!

  • A History of Wine in America Volume 2

    A History of Wine in America, Volume 2
    Thomas Pinney

    Engagingly written, exhaustively researched, and rich in detail, this book describes how Prohibition devastated the wine industry, the conditions of renewal after Repeal, the various New Deal measures that affected wine, and the early …

  • Investing in Liquid Assets

    Investing in Liquid Assets
    David Sokolin, Alexandra Bruce

    In the second half of the book, he gives overviews of the world's greatest wine regions and offers his predictions about which regions and which wines are likely to represent the greatest investment opportunities in the near future.

  • Green Smoothies For Dummies

    Green Smoothies For Dummies
    Jennifer Thompson

    Go green — discover the benefits of drinking green smoothies and choose the best equipment for making them Get a great green taste — find out what to use for greens, what to use for fruits and sweeteners, and how to add superfoods, …

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