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  • Blyuda Iz Pecheni Pochek Serdtsa Legkogo

    Blyuda Iz Pecheni, Pochek, Serdtsa, Legkogo
    Tat’yana Lagutina

    Уникальность этой книги заключается в том, что в ней собраны рецепты и для тех, кто любит проводить много времени на кухне, и для тех …

  • 作りおきスイーツ

    ※本電子書籍には、一部権利関係の都合により収録されていないレシピがございます。ますます暮らしが楽しくなる、日持ちするお菓子 …

  • The 50 Best Cookies and Brownies Recipes

    The 50 Best Cookies and Brownies Recipes
    Media Adams

    They’re easy.

  • Modern Art Desserts

    Modern Art Desserts
    Caitlin Freeman

    From a fudge pop based on an Ellsworth Kelly sculpture to a pristinely segmented cake fashioned after Mondrian’s well-known composition, this collection of uniquely delicious recipes for cookies, parfait, gelées, ice pops, ice cream, …

  • Jamie Oliver s Christmas Cookbook

    Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook
    Jamie Oliver

    This book is the greatest hits, all wrapped up in one Christmas parcel, and I hope you have fun looking through, picking your recipes, and building your own plan." Jamie Oliver ————————————- 'Our favourite.

  • How to Bake

    How to Bake
    Paul Hollywood

    With this in mind, he has filled this book with easy-to-follow, clearly explained, utterly delicious recipes.

  • Creative Baking Deco Chiffon Cake Basics

    Creative Baking: Deco Chiffon Cake Basics
    Susanne Ng

    With clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to create perfect layers, mounds, spots and sectors, pipe batter and make multicoloured sheet cakes among other techniques, this book will enable bakers of any skill level to create …

  • Five Ways to Cook Asparagus and Other Recipes

    Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (and Other Recipes)
    Peter Miller

    You will laugh, be inspired, become incredibly hungry, and come away with loads of smart and useful ideas.” —Renee Erickson, James Beard Award–winning chef and author of A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus Offering a detailed plan for getting …

  • Social Sweets

    Social Sweets
    Jason Atherton

    Showcasing a variety of beautiful and contemporary recipes from his London restaurants, this volume is a celebration of the flavours and techniques from across the world which have inspired him.

  • Gluten Free Baking for the Holidays

    Gluten-Free Baking for the Holidays
    Jeanne Sauvage

    Not anymore! Jeanne Sauvage, author of the popular blog Art of Gluten-Free Baking, has perfected 60 gluten-free recipes with all the flavors of their wheat-filled counterparts.

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