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  • The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes

    The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes
    Rachel Rappaport

    Slow cooker recipes your whole family will love! The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes is the perfect guide for creating delicious–and easy–dishes for your entire family.

  • Living the Low Carb Lifestyle

    Living the Low-Carb Lifestyle
    Tom Keeton

    Living the Low-Carb Lifestyle: Easy Recipes for Tasty Low-Carb Snacks also includes a variety of other delectable dishes for the carb-conscious, including: Deviled eggs Guilt-free cheesecake Canadian Florentine bacon rolls Chicken salad …

  • Authentic Recipes from Thailand

    Authentic Recipes from Thailand
    Sven Krauss, Laurent Ganguillet

    This book presents a cross section of Thai recipes from all regions of the country – as prepared in private homes, street stalls and even palace kitchens.

  • The Story behind the Dish Classic American Foods

    The Story behind the Dish: Classic American Foods
    Mark McWilliams

    Profiling 48 classic American foods ranging from junk and fast food to main dishes to desserts, this book reveals what made these dishes iconic in American pop culture. • 48 entries on the development, popularization, and adaptation of …

  • The Gourmet s Vinaigrettes and Salads Cookbook

    The Gourmet’s Vinaigrettes and Salads Cookbook
    Keith A. Huffman

    The Gourmet's Vinaigrettes and Salads Cookbook Over 180 exquisite new salads and vinaigrettes created by Chef Keith A. Huffman, offer quick, easy, and delicious ways to experiment with new flavors!

  • Foodies Guide 2011 Melbourne

    Foodies’ Guide 2011: Melbourne
    A Campion

    The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne will place the city’s best kept food secrets at your fingertips. This year’s edition is fully updated, with lots of reviews of new stores that have opened over the last year.

  • Anthony Dias Blue s Pocket Guide to Wine 2007

    Anthony Dias Blue’s Pocket Guide to Wine 2007
    Anthony Dias Blue

    With an emphasis on American wines and the hidden treasures to be discovered at your local wine shop, Anthony Dias Blue's Pocket Guide to Wine 2007 tells you exactly what you need to know to choose the perfect wine for every occasion, …

  • The Recipe Writer s Handbook

    The Recipe Writer’s Handbook
    Barbara Gibbs Ostmann, Jane Baker

    "-Irena Chalmers, author and professional food writing lecturer at The Culinary Institute of America "The First Edition of The Recipe Writer's Handbook was a terrific resource, and this revised edition is downright indispensable.

  • What s Cooking on Okinawa

    What’s Cooking on Okinawa
    Kubasaki Kubasaki High School

    What's Cooking on Okinawa presents the favorite, cook-when-company-comes recipes of the Americans stationed on Okinawa and of their Okinawan friends.

  • Busy People s Slow Cooker Cookbook

    Busy People’s Slow Cooker Cookbook
    Dawn Hall

    From exquisite cakes with warm berries to hearty soups to delicious entrees, this is a creative collection of low-fat dishes that look and taste great.

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