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  • Simple Treasures

    Simple Treasures
    Alistair Barnes

    Simple Treasures offers an opportunity to experience world-class dining in your own home, with easy-to-follow recipes selected from the award-winning kitchens of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts family of restaurants and lodges.

  • Where Flavor Was Born

    Where Flavor Was Born
    Andreas Viestad

    An exotic array of nearly one hundred recipes reflects the finest cuisine to be found along the legendary spice route, from Zanzibar, to India, to Bali, captures the culinary traditions of each region along the way, and offers a glossary of …

  • Camembert

    Pierre Boisard

    In this witty and entertaining book, Boisard investigates the history of Camembert and its legend.

  • Fresh from the Past

    Fresh from the Past
    Sandra Sherman, Karen Chotkowski, Henry Chotkowski

    Sherman takes readers along on a wild ride back in time, describing how historic families learned to cook with the seasons.

  • Junk Food Japan

    Junk Food Japan
    Scott Hallsworth

    Featuring approximately 100 recipes brilliantly showcasing Scott's wild and inventive style, Junk Food Japan will present Japanese classics with twists and turns, even in the Sushi and Sashimi sections, alongside a selection of new, …

  • The Asparagus Festival Cookbook

    The Asparagus Festival Cookbook
    Jan Moore, Barbara Hafly, Glenda Hushaw

    This cookbook—inspired by the Asparagus Festival in Stockton, California—packs new prize-winning recipes plus past festival favorites into this scrumptiously inventive pocket-sized collection.

  • Fork on the Road

    Fork on the Road
    Mark Decarlo

    Each chapter features the story behind a particular food (moosehead soup, anyone?) and the people who love it.

  • Rachael Ray Just in Time

    Rachael Ray: Just in Time
    Rachael Ray

    In this irresistible collection Rachael continues to work her 30-minute magic with nearly 100 awesomely delicious brand-new recipes.

  • Everyday Asian

    Everyday Asian
    Marnie Henricksson

    As the recipes draw on the traditional cuisines of Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, Marnie begins the book with a chapter detailing how to find, make, and store necessary ingredients, as well as giving advice on …

  • From the Source Spain

    From the Source – Spain
    Lonely Planet Food

    And in the sun-drenched south of Spain we encounter interesting flavours and reminders of the Moors. Hailed as 'a future classic', this series of books connects home cooks with the traditions of each country's regions.

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