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  • Borders Frames and Decorative Motifs from the 1862 Derriey Typographic Catalog

    Borders, Frames and Decorative Motifs from the 1862 Derriey Typographic Catalog
    Charles Derriey

    This unique volume contains the work of one of the most celebrated typefounders of that glorious era in type design: Charles Derriey, who, from his Parisian foundry, fed the Victorians' insatiable appetite for decoration and embellishment …

  • Old Time Nautical and Seashore Vignettes in Full Color

    Old-Time Nautical and Seashore Vignettes in Full Color
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    This handsome collection of full-color vignettes, painstakingly culled from rare 19th- and early-20th-century chromolithographs, is the perfect resource for countless arts and crafts projects that require a maritime touch.

  • Logos 01

    Logos 01

    This book focuses on creating logos, while others in the series dissect brochures, packaging, publications, and letterhead systems.

  • Heraldic Crests

    Heraldic Crests
    James Fairbairn

    Rich selection of royalty-free motifs from famous British reference. Striking, varied designs include lions, tigers, wreaths, falcons, rosettes, human figures, mythical creatures, crowns, and much more.

  • 361 Full Color Allover Patterns for Artists and Craftspeople

    361 Full-Color Allover Patterns for Artists and Craftspeople
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    Full-color patterns of copyright-free designs for use in art, craft, and other projects in styles ranging from Ancient Egyptian to Victorian and from Amish to Art Deco.

  • French Decorative Designs

    French Decorative Designs
    P. Planat

    171 full-color Gallic glories — borders, florals, panels, pilasters, cornices, and more architectural and ornamental images — in an incredible variety of styles: Byzantine, Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance.

  • Manga Clip Art

    Manga Clip Art
    Hayden Scott-Baron

    Describes how to use Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop elements along with line drawings provided on the accompanying CD-ROM to create manga art digitally.

  • Heraldry

    Arthur Charles Fox-Davies

    DIVRoyalty-free treasury of 393 full-color, 654 black-and-white illustrations: heraldic arms, windows, lions, eagles, dragons, shields, crests, etc. Add medieval romance to any graphic project. /div

  • Southwestern Indian Designs

    Southwestern Indian Designs
    Madeleine Orban-Szontagh

    Treasury of 250 copyright-free images, drawn from authentic motifs on Hopi ceremonial dress, Zuni shields, Anasazi pottery, Navajo jewelry, rugs and sand paintings, Pueblo pottery, and many more.

  • The Book of Signs

    The Book of Signs
    Rudolf Koch

    Famed German type designer renders 493 classified and documented illustrations divided into 14 categories, including general signs, Christian signs, astronomical signs, the four elements, house and holding marks, runes, and more.

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