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  • Engraving and Decorating Glass

    Engraving and Decorating Glass
    Barbara Norman

    Clear, handsomely illustrated guide introduces the history, materials, tools, and techniques of glass engraving and other forms of glass decorating. Techniques include diamond point, copper-wheel, and drill engraving, more.

  • Fate Glory and Love in Early Modern Gallery Decoration

    Fate, Glory, and Love in Early Modern Gallery Decoration
    Margaretha Rossholm Lagerlof

    Fate, Glory, and Love in Early Modern Gallery Decoration contributes to the body of scholarship on visual rhetoric and on how images 'act' out their messages.

  • Symmetries of Culture

    Symmetries of Culture
    Dorothy Koster Washburn, Donald Warren Crowe

    Winner of the George Wittenborn Award

  • Edward Hopper

    Edward Hopper
    Gerry Souter

    Edward Hopper exprime avec poésie la solitude de l’homme face à cet american way of life qui se développe dans les années 1920.

  • Sioux Quill and Beadwork

    Sioux Quill and Beadwork
    Carrie A. Lyford

    In-depth guide to ancient Native American crafts focuses on the techniques of the western Sioux.

  • Structure in Nature Is a Strategy for Design

    Structure in Nature Is a Strategy for Design
    Peter Pearce

    "The structural designs that occur in nature – in molecules, in crystals, in living cells – appear in this fully illustrated book as a source of inspiration and study of design of man-made structures" — BOOK JACKET.

  • Arranging Things

    Arranging Things
    Leonard Koren

    Create a design vocabulary of persuasive arrangements in your home, studio, or workplace.

  • Histories of Ornament

    Histories of Ornament
    Gülru Necipoğlu, Alina Payne

    This lavishly illustrated volume is the first major global history of ornament from the Middle Ages to today.

  • Walls of Empowerment

    Walls of Empowerment
    Guisela Latorre

    Exploring three major hubs of muralist activity in California, where indigenist imagery is prevalent, Walls of Empowerment celebrates an aesthetic that seeks to firmly establish Chicana/o sociopolitical identity in U.S. territory.

  • Jewelry Making and Design

    Jewelry Making and Design
    Augustus F. Rose, Antonio Cirino

    Professional secrets of jewelry making are revealed in a thorough, practical guide. Over 200 illustrations.

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