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  • Vision and Design

    Vision and Design
    Roger Fry

    DIVNoted critic’s 25 art-related essays explore relationships between ancient and modern art and between art and life. Also includes Fry’s "Essay in Aesthetics." 13 b/w illus. /div

  • Quo vadis Design DE

    Quo vadis Design? (DE)
    iF Industrie Forum Design e.V.

  • I generi del design

    I generi del design
    Stefano Caggiano

    Questo libro propone una schematizzazione dei generi del design, messa a punto con strumenti appartenenti all’antropologia filosofica, all’estetica e alla semiotica.

  • Iconic Designs

    Iconic Designs
    Grace Lees-Maffei

    By returning to the etymological roots of iconicity and showcasing objects which are distinctive, memorable, internationally recognised and the subject of significant media attention, this text addresses what we mean by 'iconic' and how …

  • Dise o estrategia y t ctica

    Diseño: estrategia y táctica
    Luis Rodriguez Morales

    Este libro ofrece un compendio sobre aspectos teóricos y metodológicos que ayuden a generar diseños que sean estrategicamente competitivos.

  • An Essay on Typography

    An Essay on Typography
    Eric Gill

    This is one of a number of pivotal works by creative thinkers like John Berger and Susan Sontag whose writings on art, design and the media have changed our vision for ever.

  • New Mythologies in Design and Culture

    New Mythologies in Design and Culture
    Rebecca Houze

    The collection provides a point of entry into today's complex postmodern or post-postmodern world, and suggests some ways of thinking about its meanings, and the lessons we might learn from it.

  • Looking Closer 5

    Looking Closer 5
    Michael Bierut, William Drenttel, Steven Heller

    The final installment in this acclaimed series offers astute and controversial discussions on contemporary graphic design from 2001 to 2005.

  • Design School Wisdom

    Design School Wisdom
    Brooke Johnson, Jennifer Tolo Pierce

    Here are lessons in life and work, learned both in the classroom and on the job, from design teachers, students, and gurus, covering everything from practical know-how to big-picture brilliance.

  • Sketchbook

    Timothy O’Donnell

    This book explores influential designers’ sketchbooks as a truer reflection of a designer’s thought processes, preoccupations, and problem-solving strategies than can be had by simply viewing finished projects.

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