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  • Creative Industries Switzerland

    Creative Industries Switzerland
    Christoph Weckerle, Manfred Gerig, Michael Söndermann

    Policy makers at all levels are discovering the notion of creative industries: the music industry, literature and book market, art market, film and television industries, performing arts, design, architecture, advertising, software / …

  • Bourses federales de design 2006

    Bourses federales de design 2006


  • Zen Brush Tao Words

    Zen Brush Tao Words
    Gene Lavon Porter, MA

    Miyamoto Musashi was Japans greatest swordsman. Through great struggle, he perfected a form of strategy and won every match. Later, he wrote The Book of Five Rings, which became the bible of Japanese business strategy.

  • Architecture Design versus Consumerism

    Architecture & Design versus Consumerism
    Ann Thorpe

    This book, informed by recent research into the viability of a "steady state" economy, sets an agenda for addressing the designer’s paradox of sustainable consumption.

  • the amorist

    the amorist
    Webster Joseph

    Therefore , as long as we talk about love , we read about love and we dream about love, we will stick together for much more longer than ever to enjoy life. Webster Joseph

  • Johnny The Eternal

    Johnny The Eternal
    A. Rodriguez

    Johnny is an impetuous young man who has died and been recruited by a Heavenly Order as an Earth Angel on the upcoming apocalypse.

  • Nanomaterialien

    Sylvia Leydecker

    Auf Nanomaterialien basierende Zusatzstoffe machen gängige Materialien leichter, durchlässiger oder verschleißfester.

  • Street Furniture Design

    Street Furniture Design
    Eleanor Herring

    Eleanor Herring's unique study of street furniture in post-war Britain considers how objects which are now familiar parts of our urban environment were designed to populate public spaces.

  • Erfolgreich als Designer  Designrechte international sch tzen und managen

    Erfolgreich als Designer – Designrechte international schützen und managen
    Joachim Kobuss, Alexander Bretz

    Dieses Thema wird von Kobuss und Bretz erstmals umfassend und praxisbezogen bearbeitet – mit spannenden Strategien und nachvollziehbaren Vorgehensweisen.

  • Studio Companion Series Presentation Basics

    Studio Companion Series Presentation Basics
    Donna Fullmer

    Written from the viewpoint that an effective presentation requires much more than adept graphic representation, Fullmer helps students strengthen their verbal skills to sell their ideas and looks at the impact of business etiquette and body …

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