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  • Magic Eye

    Magic Eye
    Magic Eye Inc., N.E. Thing Enterprises

    Presents a series of abstract, colorful, computer-generated pictures–created with the use of the "Salinsky Dot" image-rendering system–from which a 3-D image will emerge, accompanied by instructions to help viewers discover the images. …

  • Flourish Banner Frame

    Flourish. Banner. Frame.
    Von Glitschka

    This extensive volume of ornaments and motifs is easy to use for any design or illustration project: publication layouts, book covers, website backgrounds, t-shirt graphics, scrapbooks, textiles, crafts, stencils, tattoos—and everything …

  • Digital Design for Print and Web

    Digital Design for Print and Web
    John DiMarco

    In this book, you'll find: Full-color text and illustrated, step-by-step instruction supported by more than 75 video tutorials Coverage of professional software including the Adobe Creative Suite A wide variety of inspirational images from …

  • Game Development Essentials Game QA Testing

    Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing
    Luis Levy, Jeannie Novak

    GAME DEVELOPMENT ESSENTIALS: GAME TESTING & QA is the first book of its kind, preparing would-be testers for an exciting career in the game industry.

  • Graphic Design The New Basics

    Graphic Design: The New Basics
    Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips

    This revised edition replaces sixty-four pages of the original publication with new content, including new chapters on visualizing data, typography, modes of representation, and Gestalt principles, and adds sixteen pages of new student and …

  • Visual Language for Designers

    Visual Language for Designers
    Connie Malamed

    New in paperback, this book presents ways to design for the strengths of our innate mental capacities and to compensate for our cognitive limitations.

  • Icon

    Jeffrey Caldewey, Chuck House

    This book will become a classic in package design and essential for wine marketers and those who collect label art.

  • Managing the Design Process Concept Development

    Managing the Design Process-Concept Development
    Terry Lee Stone

    This book offers designers a vast collection of inspiring and innovative graphic works from the world of music.

  • The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design

    The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design
    Gavin Ambrose, Paul Harris

    Abstract. Zeitgeist. Bauhaus. Pluralism. The Visual Dictionary is just the book for anyone who's ever been a bit hazy about the meaning of the many terms used in art and design.

  • Visible Signs

    Visible Signs
    David Crow

    The third edition of Visible Signs features new material from international designers and new creative exercises to accompany each chapter. This new edition also features a new design and layout.

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