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  • Designers Visionaries and Other Stories

    Designers Visionaries and Other Stories
    Jonathan Chapman

    This is a book about sustainable design, by the leading sustainable design thinkers, for creative practitioners, professionals, students and academics.

  • Best Practices for Graphic Designers Color Works

    Best Practices for Graphic Designers, Color Works
    Eddie Opara, John Cantwell

    This is the go-to guide for designers as it outlines and details the essential color design skills needed to create successful, meaningful, and aesthetically compelling designs.

  • Starting Your Career as a Graphic Designer

    Starting Your Career as a Graphic Designer
    Michael Fleishman

    This is the most useful book on the market for honing the business skills of freelance illustrators and graphic designers.

  • Diagrams

    Carolyn Knight, Jessica Glaser

    This work offers a collection of exemplary, creative, and imaginative information design, shown in its original application and juxtaposed with the reference material used for each piece of work.

  • Look at This

    Look at This
    Adrian Shaughnessy

    This book features the best of contemporary printed literature.

  • 100 Evil

    100% Evil
    Nicholas Blechman, Christoph Niemann

    Witty, sad, intelligent, even joyful, the illustrations in this small volume are a highly subjective attempt to describe what is evil in the post-9/11 world of George Bush.

  • Logos 01

    Logos 01

    This book focuses on creating logos, while others in the series dissect brochures, packaging, publications, and letterhead systems.

  • The Visible Word

    The Visible Word
    Johanna Drucker

    After reviewing theories of signification, the production of meaning, and materiality, she analyzes the work of four poets active in the typographic experimentation of the 1910s and 1920s: Ilia Zdanevich, Filippo Marinetti, Guillaume …

  • A Decade of French Fashion 1929 1938

    A Decade of French Fashion, 1929-1938
    Mary Carolyn Waldrep

    A joy to read and savor." — newbooks magazine "This is a book to read and time and time again, each new viewing helping further details —from button placements to hemline shapes — to present themselves to you, the reader, as you soak …

  • Applied Systems Theory

    Applied Systems Theory
    Rob Dekkers

    Offering an up-to-date account of systems theories and its applications, this book provides a different way of resolving problems and addressing challenges in a swift and practical way, without losing overview and grip on the details.

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