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  • 100 Evil

    100% Evil
    Nicholas Blechman, Christoph Niemann

    This professional work led to a personal passion, and so the illustrators chose to draw a small series on rosier subjects like maps and love.

  • Logos 01

    Logos 01

    This book focuses on creating logos, while others in the series dissect brochures, packaging, publications, and letterhead systems.

  • Alt fractals

    Eric Baird

    "Where most books on fractals concentrate on mathematical theory, Alt. Fractals takes a graphical approach. starting with the fractal "standards"–The Sierpinski Triangle and Pyramid, Menger Sponge, Julia Mandelbrot sets – Alt.

  • A Primer for DAZ Studio

    A Primer for DAZ Studio
    Anne Marie Rasmussen

    Learn how to use DAZ Studio and create beautiful 3D images within days. This book is designed to teach the beginner to 3D art and the free DAZ Studio software, the basics quickly with simple step by step lessons and detailed pictures.

  • Digital Design for Print and Web

    Digital Design for Print and Web
    John DiMarco

    In this book, you'll find: Full-color text and illustrated, step-by-step instruction supported by more than 75 video tutorials Coverage of professional software including the Adobe Creative Suite A wide variety of inspirational images from …

  • Exploring the Basics of Drawing

    Exploring the Basics of Drawing
    Victoria Vebell

    This new edition offers thorough coverage of the fundamental skills needed to learn still-life drawing, basic shapes, and the key concepts of perspective, light, value, and space.

  • Jurus Jurus Editing Foto Pakai Photoshop

    Jurus-Jurus Editing Foto Pakai Photoshop
    JUD, Jubilee Enterprise

    SINOPSIS Photoshop merupakan software (piranti lunak) wajib yang digunakan oleh para editor foto maupun fotografer digital.

  • Graphic Design The New Basics

    Graphic Design: The New Basics
    Ellen Lupton, Jennifer Cole Phillips

    This revised edition replaces sixty-four pages of the original publication with new content, including new chapters on visualizing data, typography, modes of representation, and Gestalt principles, and adds sixteen pages of new student and …

  • Foundations of Color

    Foundations of Color
    Jeff Davis

    Written in a clear and concise style, this text presents the basic concepts of color in a logical order, with each chapter building on the next.

  • Thinking Visually for Illustrators

    Thinking Visually for Illustrators
    Mark Wigan

    This edition has been updated to include a new chapter on illustration for the digital context and new approaches to working.

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