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  • The Handbook of Design Management

    The Handbook of Design Management
    Rachel Cooper, Sabine Junginger, Thomas Lockwood

    The Handbook of Design Management presents a state of the art overview of the subject – its methodologies, current debates, history and future.

  • Why Would Anyone Wear That

    Why Would Anyone Wear That?
    Celia Stall-Meadows, Leslie Stall Widener

    Explores extreme fashions throughout history, including leisure suits, bloomers, and hobble skirts.

  • Letture d interni

    Letture d’interni
    AA. VV.


  • Designing Modern Britain

    Designing Modern Britain
    Cheryl Buckley

    Employing numerous examples of classic British design, Designing Modern Britain delves into the history of British design culture, and thereby tracks the evolution of the British national identity.

  • The Politics of Parametricism

    The Politics of Parametricism
    Matthew Poole, Manuel Shvartzberg

    The Politics of Parametricism addresses these issues, offering a collection of new essays written by leading international thinkers in the fields of digital design, architecture, theory and technology.

  • Design When Everybody Designs

    Design, When Everybody Designs
    Ezio Manzini, Rachel Coad

    The role of design, both expert and nonexpert, in the ongoing wave of social innovation toward sustainability.

  • The Festival of Britain

    The Festival of Britain
    Harriet Atkinson

    The Festival of Britain in 1951 transformed the way people saw their war-ravaged nation.

  • King Plates

    King Plates
    Jakelin Troy

    This book describes and illustrates the large collection of Aboriginal gorgets held by the National Museum of Australia.

  • Rich Apparel

    Rich Apparel
    Maria Hayward

    By combining considerations of primary sources with modern scholarly analysis, this book is invaluable for anyone with an interest in the history of fashion, clothing, and consumption in Tudor society.

  • Becoming Human by Design

    Becoming Human by Design
    Tony Fry

    The last in Tony Fry's celebrated trilogy of books continues his radical rethinking of design. Becoming Human by Design's provocative argument presents a revised reading of human 'evolution' centred on ontological design.

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