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  • Iconography of Religions

    Iconography of Religions
    Inge Kleivan

    Includes sections on ethnographic descriptions, general observations about the religion of the Eskimos, rites of passage in the individual's life cycle, hunting rituals, ritual behaviour in social conflict, the shaman, the world picture, …

  • Japan Modern

    Japan Modern
    Michiko Rico Nose

    Of the 40 homes profiled in this book, each home represents in its own way the changing face of Japanese interior design and architecture.

  • China Living

    China Living
    Sharon Leece

    China Living presents a fascinating overview of China's diverse design landscape today.

  • Distribucià n y decoracià n dentro del comercio

    Distribución y decoración dentro del comercio

    Tema 2. Tratamiento del espacio. Tema 3. Optimización del lineal. Tema 4. Diseño y composición del escaparate. Tema 5. Publicidad en el punto de venta (PLV). Tema 6. Animación en el punto de venta. Tema 7. La iluminación. Tema 8.

  • Flip for Decorating

    Flip! for Decorating
    Elizabeth Mayhew

    With this amazing, practical book, decorating is so easy you’ll flip!

  • Nicholas of Autrecourt

    Nicholas of Autrecourt
    Nicolaus (de Autricuria)

    This volume contains the first critical edition and a complete English translation of the well-known correspondence conducted by the fourteenth-century 'sceptic' author, Nicholas of Autrecourt, with Bernard of Arezzo and a Master Giles.

  • Mueve tus cosas y cambia tu vida Move Your Stuff Change Your Life

    Mueve tus cosas y cambia tu vida (Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life)
    Karen Rauch Carter

    Con la promesa de salud, riqueza y felicidad, el feng shui tiene un inmenso atractivo, por lo menos en concepto.

  • The Room Planner

    The Room Planner
    Paula Robinson, Phil Robinson

    This is an essential manual not only for homeowners seeking to rethink their living space, but also for those who are building their home from scratch.

  • Remix

    Jeanine Hays, Bryan Mason

    With a foreword by HGTV Design Star Danielle Colding, Remix is both a striking object for your shelf and a book that restores meaning to the idea of “eclectic” decorating with genuine, personal style. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Eat Work Shop

    Eat. Work. Shop.
    Marcia Iwatate

    Beautifully illustrated with over 250 photos, the locations in this book reflect everything from postmodern industrialism to suggestive eroticism.

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