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  • Munchausen s Syndrome by Proxy

    Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy
    Brooke Deborah Adshead Gwen, Gwen Adshead, Deborah Brooke

    This important book reviews the current state of knowledge of Munchausen''s syndrome by proxy, a type of child abuse which causes wide concern.

  • Stained

    I J Boes

    Being thrown into an abyss of shame and fear, suicide seemed to be the only way out. This is the true story of the first twenty years of my life.

  • Child Protection Work

    Child Protection Work
    Helen Buckley

    Based on a qualitative study of child protection practices this book takes a detailed look at what professionals actually 'do', contrasting the relatively straightforward process illustrated in procedural guidance with the uncertainty of …

  • Literary Trauma

    Literary Trauma
    Deborah M. Horvitz

    Examines representations of political, psychological, and sexual violence in seven novels by American women.

  • Repair Your Life

    Repair Your Life
    Margie McKinnon

    McKinnon presents a six-stage program for abuse survivors that helps them recognize and accept their adult problems stemming from childhood sexual abuse, and to process issues with tools and techniques to regain a healthy life.

  • Intimate Violence

    Intimate Violence
    Donald Dutton, Daniel Jay Sonkin

    The book presents up-to-date information on techniques for working with men and women who commit intimate partner violence, moving past a “one size fits all” mentality to develop treatment that affects long-term changes in beliefs, …

  • A Practitioners Tool for the Assessment of Adults who Sexually Abuse Children

    A Practitioners’ Tool for the Assessment of Adults who Sexually Abuse Children
    Jeff Fowler

    This book is a practical tool for the assessment of adults who sexually abuse children.

  • Freeing Tammy

    Freeing Tammy
    Jody Raphael

    The latest volume in the popular trilogy of books about women, poverty, and violence

  • The Cult Next Door

    The Cult Next Door
    Judith L. Carlone, Elizabeth R. Burchard, LSW

    For anyone who has ever been trapped by a person who would not let them go, within this book lies a message of hope.

  • Silently Seduced

    Silently Seduced
    Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D.

    In this revised and updated 20th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book Silently Seduced, Dr. Adams explains how 'feeling close,' especially with the opposite-sex parent, is not the source of comfort the image suggests, especially …

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