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  • Il segreto di fata Lina

    Il segreto di fata Lina.
    Alberto Pellai, Barbara Tamborini

    Ci sono segreti così pesanti che spesso non trovano parole per poter essere raccontati.

  • Stopping Domestic Violence

    Stopping Domestic Violence
    Pamela J. Jenkins, Barbara Parmer Davidson

    This volume examines models of collaboration between personnel in social service agencies, women's centers, domestic violence programs, medical and mental health settings, and law enforcement.

  • Supporting Women after Domestic Violence

    Supporting Women after Domestic Violence
    Hilary Abrahams

    'This is really interesting and compelling book. Abrahams' writing style is readable and engaging and is interspersed with reference to research and powerfully, the words of women who have experienced domestic violence.

  • Recovering The Self A Journal of Hope and Healing Vol IV No 4 Volume 4

    Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (Vol. IV, No. 4 …, Volume 4
    Bernie Siegel, Trisha Faye

    Contributors to RTS Journal come from around the globe to deliver unique perspectives you won't find anywhere else! The theme of Volume IV, Number 4 is "Animals and Healing.

  • Let God Solve It

    Let God Solve It
    Florence Chunga

    This is a story set in Lusaka, Zambia, about Martha, a woman who had been entrapped in an abusive marriage.

  • Women and Cancer

    Women and Cancer
    Steven D. Stellman

    This important book brings together, for the first time, an in-depth examination of the major scientific and social aspects of women and cancer–the second leading cause of death among American women.

  • Alternative Careers in Sci tech Information Service

    Alternative Careers in Sci-tech Information Service
    Ellis Mount

    An eye-opening look at alternative careers for those with a sci-tech background–whether they be librarians or scientists or engineers, this exciting volume fills a gap in the professional literature.

  • Caregivers of Young Children

    Caregivers of Young Children
    Derry Koralek

    Designed to be used with A Coordinated Response to Child Abuse and Neglect: A Basic Manual, which provides the foundation for all community prevention, identification, and treatment efforts.

  • Accounts of Innocence

    Accounts of Innocence
    Joseph E. Davis

    Focusing on the case of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Joseph E. Davis shows how the idea of innocence shaped the emergence of trauma psychology and continues to inform accounts of the past (and hopes for the future) in therapy …

  • Darkness Overturned

    Darkness Overturned

    "Darkness Overturned" chronicles a heart-stopping story about a young woman's spiritual odyssey as she struggles to break free of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, and the resulting ravages on her inner being.

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