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  • What Else But Home

    What Else But Home
    Michael Rosen

    The boys began to see the Rosens as more than just an arcade of middle-class creature comforts; the Rosens began to learn the full stories of the boys’ fractured lives.

  • Ni os compositores 4 a 14 a os

    Niños compositores (4 a 14 años)
    Bru Rovira Jarque

    Fotografías de madres e hijos de distintos continentes, vistas con los ojos de los niñosde nuestras escuelas, los cuales las han enriquecido con sus sentimientos y con su interés, con las historias que son capaces de evocar o inventar.

  • Creating Loving Attachments

    Creating Loving Attachments
    Daniel Hughes, Kim Golding

    This book shows why these elements are so important to a child's development, and demonstrates to parents and carers how they can incorporate them into their day-to-day parenting.

  • Building Self Esteem in Children and Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered

    Building Self-Esteem in Children and Teens Who Are Adopted or Fostered
    Sue Cornbluth

    Full of useful advice and effective techniques, this book is ideal for foster and adoptive parents, social workers, counsellors and therapists, as well as other professionals working with children who are fostered or adopted.

  • Attaching in Adoption

    Attaching in Adoption
    Deborah D. Gray

    This book is a must read for anyone interested in adoption and for all adoptive families. It will also be a valuable resource for adoption professionals.

  • China s Hidden Children

    China’s Hidden Children
    Kay Ann Johnson

    While there is some truth to this, it does not tell the full story—a story with deep personal resonance to Kay Ann Johnson, a China scholar and mother to an adopted Chinese daughter.

  • Planning Parenthood

    Planning Parenthood
    Rebecca A. Clark, Gloria Richard-Davis, Jill Hayes, Michelle Murphy, Katherine Pucheu Theall

    Aims to guide prospective parents through the complicated mazes of assisted reproduction and adoption. This work describes fertility assistance, surrogacy, and adoption, clearly outlining the requirements of each strategy.

  • A Different Home

    A Different Home
    Kelly DeGarmo, John DeGarmo

    Accompanied by notes for adults on how to use the story with children, it will be a useful book for foster parents and caseworkers, as well as social workers, teachers and anyone else working with children in foster care.

  • The Guide to Honest Parenting

    The Guide to Honest Parenting
    Daniel Craven

    The Guide to Honest Parenting is a revolutionary, yet common sense approach to parenting children and teens with behavioral and emotional issues and improving relationships.

  • International Advances in Adoption Research for Practice

    International Advances in Adoption Research for Practice
    Gretchen Miller Wrobel, Elsbeth Neil

    This is a unique compilation of cross-cultural and international attitudes towards adoption research and outcomes.

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