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  • Nutrition Support to Elderly Women

    Nutrition Support to Elderly Women
    Michelle B. Pierce

    Previous research on this topic has not focused on nutrition-specific social support for elderly women.

  • Community Mobility

    Community Mobility
    William Mann

    This unique book addresses changes in driving patterns over time, the impact of climate conditions on driving, mental and physical health issues, self-regulation by drivers, and driver safety.

  • Assessing the Driving Ability of the Elderly

    Assessing the Driving Ability of the Elderly
    Ellen D. Taira

    This much-needed book explores the extensive literature on assessing the driving ability of the elderly and provides specific guidelines for practitioners working with the well and the frail older driver.

  • Finishing Well

    Finishing Well
    Terry D. Hargrave

    First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Retire Happy

    Retire Happy
    Richard Stim, Ralph Warner

    Feeling guilty about how little you've saved for retirement? It's time for a reality check. All the money in the world won't make for a happy retirement unless you're satisfied with the rest of your life.

  • Caring for Your Aging Parents

    Caring for Your Aging Parents
    Raeann Berman, Bernard H. Shulman

    Covering health, finances, living arrangements, communication, and emotional struggles, Caring for Your Aging Parents offers caring, professional advice for the increasingly difficult decisions that caregivers face, including: Making the …

  • Physical Illness and Depression in Older Adults

    Physical Illness and Depression in Older Adults
    Gail M. Williamson, David R. Shaffer, Patricia A. Parmelee

    This is why the alarming facts of this book-that our elders often are experiencing elevatedlevelsofphysicalillnessesanddepression–grabbedmebytheproverbialthroat.

  • Getting Ready for Retirement

    Getting Ready for Retirement
    Tina Manion

    Within the next two decades, 75 million baby boomers are expected to retire. They are redefining retirement. They will live longer than previous generations. This book will help pre-retirees begin envisioning their retirement now.

  • Inverse Projection Techniques

    Inverse Projection Techniques
    Elisabetta Barbi, Salvatore Bertino, Eugenio Sonnino

    The book offers an overview of the present state of methodological development in the field of inverse projection techniques.

  • The Art of Growing Old

    The Art of Growing Old
    Carroll Saussy

    This book shows not only how to embrace the challenges of a long life but also how to engage the possibilities of creativity and depth of soul available to those who have acquired a wealth of experience.

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