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  • No Mind Left Behind

    No Mind Left Behind
    Adam J. Cox

    The book addresses special-needs children as well as neurotypical children, and includes practical suggestions for parents and educators.

  • Small Steps Forward

    Small Steps Forward
    Sarah Newman

    ' – Downs Syndrome Association (UK) 'This is a very practical book, full of common sense and simple ideas. Although intended for parents this book will also be an invaluable resource for anyone working with children with special needs.

  • Asperger s

    Catherine Faherty, Gary B. Mesibov

    Designed for children with high-functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome, this workbook offers an approach for the child to learn more about himself.

  • Kramer

    Donald E. Sexauer

    Kramer??! This touching story of a family who has lost a pet…is one we have all experienced.

  • My Son Fred Living with Autism

    My Son Fred – Living with Autism
    Maud Deckmar, Ewa Wulkan

    Maud Deckmar tells a touching and honest story of living with Fred, her eldest child, who has autism and an intellectual disability.

  • Running with Walker

    Running with Walker
    Robert Hughes

    With disarming honesty and humour, the book tells how a family copes and keeps hope alive despite the staggering difficulties autism presents."–BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Dis abilites and the Gospel

    (Dis)abilites and the Gospel
    Danyelle Ferguson, Lynn Parsons

    Using real-life stories and a touch of humor, this inspiring book guides you to teach effectively, overcome communication barriers, and build strong relationships with people of all ages with disabilities.

  • Fragile X Fragile Hope

    Fragile X, Fragile Hope
    Elizabeth Griffin

    Written by a mother whose son has fragile X syndrome and autism this book is about her reaction and coping strategies in relating to her son.

  • All About ADHD

    All About ADHD
    Thomas Phelan

    By the author of the bestselling parent book 1-2-3 Magic For the estimated 20 million Americans with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder comes the third edition of All About ADHD by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan, an internationally renowned …

  • 1000 Best Tips for ADHD

    1000 Best Tips for ADHD
    Susan Ashley

    As a child psychologist specializing in ADHD for more than twenty years, Dr. Ashley knows exactly what parents face every day. 1000 Best Tips for ADHD gives parents quick tips and easy-to-implement solutions that make even the toughest days …

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