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  • Helping Your Anxious Teen

    Helping Your Anxious Teen
    Sheila Achar Josephs

    This powerful book, based on cutting-edge research and cognitive behavioral strategies, will help you develop the know-how to effectively manage teen anxiety.

  • Living Sensationally

    Living Sensationally
    Winnie Dunn

    The book explains how people's individual sensory patterns affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day.

  • Jeffrey s Journey

    Jeffrey’s Journey
    Debbie Jeffries, LaRayne Jeffries

    This book powerfully describes the desperate journey of a family toward a semblance of normalcy, including the court battle defending Jeffrey's right to this unconventional treatment, the family's exposure on 48 Hours, and the threat to …

  • The Guide to Honest Parenting

    The Guide to Honest Parenting
    Daniel Craven

    The Guide to Honest Parenting offers a revolutionary, yet common sense approach to parenting children and teens with behavioral and emotional issues.

  • The ASD Feel Better Book

    The ASD Feel Better Book
    Joel Shaul

    "The ASD Feel Better Book – A Visual Guide to Help Brain and Body for Children on the Autism Spectrum by Joel Shaul" — "Introduction" — "PART 1 – Feeling Good and Feeling Bad" — "PART 2 – Giving Your Body What It Needs" — "PART 3 – …

  • How to Prevent Autism

    How to Prevent Autism
    Dara Berger

    The book covers every detail–from the importance of mothers’ cleaning out their bodies preconception, through common genetic mutations that may put children at risk, to the crucial role of nutrition in prevention.

  • Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism

    Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism
    Angela E. McHolm, Charles E. Cunningham, Melanie K. Vanier

    This book is the first available for parents of children with selective mutism. It offers a broad overview of the condition and reviews the diagnostic criteria for the disorder.

  • The Complete Guide to Creating a Special Needs Life Plan

    The Complete Guide to Creating a Special Needs Life Plan
    Hal Wright

    This book provides comprehensive guidance on creating a life plan to transition a special needs child to independence or to ensure they are well cared for in the future.

  • Reconnected Kids

    Reconnected Kids
    Robert Melillo

    Reconnected Kids is a groundbreaking guide to help parents resolve their child's behavioral problems-without medication, strife, or drama.

  • I m Not Bad I m Just Mad

    I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Mad
    Lawrence E. Shapiro, Zach Pelta-Heller, Anna F. Greenwald

    By working through the activities in I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad, children with anger control problems can develop better emotional and behavioral control.

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