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  • A Good and Perfect Gift

    A Good and Perfect Gift
    Amy Julia Becker

    Sometimes Joy Shows Up When You Least Expect It Things don't always go as planned–especially when it comes to our children. When her first baby, Penny, is given a frightening diagnosis, Amy Julia's world comes crashing down.

  • The Explosive Child

    The Explosive Child
    Ross W. Greene, PhD

    Screaming, swearing, crying, hitting, kicking, spitting, biting…these are some of the challenging behaviors we see in kids who are having difficulty meeting our expectations.

  • Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World

    Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World
    Jeffrey Freed, Laurie Parsons

    Outlines a program to help children with ADD learn through the use of their powerful visual memory and heightened perceptions

  • My Brother Autism and Me

    My Brother Autism and Me
    Aisha Pope, Alicia Diane Durand

    With this picture book bound to delight children and educate adults, Author Aisha Pope introduces readers to the developmental delay, autism, through the eyes of a sibling.

  • Early Intervention Autism

    Early Intervention & Autism
    James Ball

    This book discusses the components of a perfect program for young children with autism, including a variety of proven techniques, and gives parents tools to assess whether or not they fit their child and their family.

  • The Science and Fiction of Autism

    The Science and Fiction of Autism
    Laura Ellen Schreibman

    In "The Science and Fiction of Autism," one of the country's leading experts in behavioral treatments approaches autism through the context of its controversies, showing where extraordinary and unfounded claims have falsely raised hopes, …

  • How to Help a Clumsy Child

    How to Help a Clumsy Child
    Lisa A. Kurtz

    'The book is user-friendly and includes clear diagrams in each section, along with tables to outline key points.

  • Strange Son

    Strange Son
    Portia Iversen

    Strange Son is the powerful tale of two mothers from opposite sides of the world who, united by their fierce determination to help their severely autistic sons, have challenged everything we thought we knew about autism.

  • The Seduction of Children

    The Seduction of Children
    Christiane Sanderson

    Armed with the accurate knowledge and practical guidance on child sexual abuse provided in this book, parents, teachers, and professionals will be able to confront the threat their children may face and take practical steps to protect …

  • The Child Who Never Grew

    The Child Who Never Grew
    Pearl S. Buck

    Both heartrending and inspiring, The Child Who Never Grew provides perspective on just how much progress has been made in recent decades, while also offering common sense and timeless wisdom for the challenges still faced by those who love …

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