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  • Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies

    Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies
    Vivian Scott

    Tap into conflict resolution expertise — get an overview of conflict resolution at work and gain expert insight into how you can manage it like a pro Rediscover communication — find out how body language, tone of voice, emotions, and …

  • Emotional Infidelity

    Emotional Infidelity
    M. Gary Neuman

    M. Gary Neuman’s program is guaranteed to challenge you and make you reexamine the myths holding you back from true happiness and satisfaction. It will change your marriage forever. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Violence Identity and Self determination

    Violence, Identity, and Self-determination
    Hent de Vries

    Rather than concentrating on the socioeconomic or political backgrounds of these historical changes, the contributors to this volume rethink the concept of violence, both in itself and in relation to the formation and transformation of …

  • Strong Families Around the World

    Strong Families Around the World
    John DeFrain, Sylvia Asay

    This book presents 43 expert authors from 18 countries in all seven major areas in the world who explain what it means to be a family in the context of their country and the challenges their country faces in the world today.

  • Gunn s Golden Rules

    Gunn’s Golden Rules
    Tim Gunn

    He is never one to mince words. But Tim Gunn is always warm, witty, wise, and wonderfully supportive— just the mentor you need to design a happy, creative, and fulfilling life that will never go out of style.

  • The Guide to Honest Parenting

    The Guide to Honest Parenting
    Daniel Craven

    The Guide to Honest Parenting offers a revolutionary, yet common sense approach to parenting children and teens with behavioral and emotional issues.

  • Parenting from the Heart

    Parenting from the Heart
    Jack Pransky

    He also authored the books, "Somebody Should Have Told Us!; Modello: A Story of Hope for the Inner-City and Beyond; Prevention from the Inside-Out, Prevention: The Critical Need" and co-authored both the "Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing- …

  • Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

    Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
    Marshall B. Rosenberg

    Dr. Rosenberg reveals how to take the first step to reduce violence, heal pain, resolve conflicts and spread peace on our planet, by developing an internal consciousness of peace rooted in the language one uses each day.

  • Biff

    Bill Eddy

    This little book gives more than 20 examples of BIFF responses–brief, informative, friendly, and firm–for all areas of life, plus additional tips to help readers deal with high-conflict people anywhere. 158 pp.

  • Self Esteem A Family Affair

    Self Esteem A Family Affair
    Jean Illsley Clarke

    Serving as a source of parental support, this book provides a range of imaginative and effective suggestions for dealing with each family member in ways that nourish self-esteem for all involved.

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