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  • Sister Carrie

    Sister Carrie
    Theodore Dreiser

    It sold poorly and was considered controversial because of moral objections to his featuring a country girl who pursues her dreams of fame and fortune through relationships with men. The book has since acquired a considerable reputation.

  • Violence in Children and Adolescents

    Violence in Children and Adolescents
    Ved P. Varma

    This is an exploration of violence both by and against children, its causes, and approaches to its ammelioration.

  • Uomini Istruzioni per l uso

    Uomini. Istruzioni per l’uso
    Claudia Ponte

    A queste e a molte altre domande troverete risposta nel libro divertente, arguto e saggio di Claudia Ponte: un vero e proprio manuale di «istruzioni per l’uso e il godimento» degli uomini, a qualunque tipologia appartengano.

  • Talk to Me Like I m Someone You Love revised edition

    Talk to Me Like I’m Someone You Love, revised edition
    Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D.

    Each of the statements in this book is accompanied by "field notes" from the author that explain when, why, and how to use the statement, as well as real-life stories from the author's practice.

  • Say No And Improve Concentration While Working From Home

    “Say No” And Improve Concentration While Working From Home
    Chris Diamond

    *** Special Discount – Buy 1, Get 2 *** Do you feel guilty when you say no to other people?

  • Beginning Anew

    Beginning Anew
    Sister Ch‰n Kh™ng

    The second step is to express any regrets we have. This is something we often put off, but it gives the chance to directly address any problems in the relationship.

  • How To Heal A Painful Relationship

    How To Heal A Painful Relationship
    Bill Ferguson

    Featured on Oprah, this unique book shows, step-by-step, how to end conflict and restore love in any relationship.

  • The 3rd Alternative

    The 3rd Alternative
    Stephen R. Covey

    Outlines a breakthrough approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving that draws on the techniques of thinkers from a broad range of disciplines to explain how to incorporate diverse viewpoints for win-win solutions.

  • Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling Rivalry
    Bank Street Coll Of Educ

    Written in the warm and reassuring Bank Street style, this is an authoritative, ground-breaking guide entriely devoted to the dilemmas of sibling rivalry.

  • The It Factor

    The “It” Factor
    John D. Russell, Professor John Russell

    This is his second book ("Love God; Love One Another," College Press) and he has been a frequent contributor to periodicals as well as active in numerous civic and para-church ministries throughout his ministry.

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