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  • A Wicked Awesome Tough Broad

    A Wicked, Awesome, Tough Broad
    Frank Prevost

    The story is inspiring, touching, informative, and entertaining. The book is an honest portrayal of the emotional ups and downs of a four-year journey.


    Carol-la Sonam Dorje

    Since Carol-la’s first book, Ode to Peanut M&M’s, Carol-la continues to meander through the ruins of her memories and it is a bittersweet surrender.

  • Dying to Teach

    Dying to Teach
    Jeffrey Berman

    Affirms the power of writing to memorialize loss and work through grief.

  • You Can Keep the Damn China

    You Can Keep the Damn China!
    Robert Nachsin, Jennifer Bright Reich

    Breaking up is hard to do, but that rocky road can be smoothed with this guide featuring contributions by hundreds of former spouses whoOCOve made it out in one piece.

  • Dying and Death in Canada Third Edition

    Dying and Death in Canada, Third Edition
    Herbert C. Northcott, Donna M. Wilson

    The book also offers individual perspectives on dying and death from funeral directors, nurses, police officers, and others, told in their own words.

  • Parting

    Jennifer Sutton Holder, Jann Aldredge-Clanton

    Transcending any specific religion or culture, this handbook addresses universal spiritual needs that can be met through meaningful human relationships as well as individual faith. ''Why are we here?

  • Remembrance of Father

    Remembrance of Father
    Jonathon Lazear

    As comforting and supportive as the words of a close friend, this collection of quotations, brief essays, and poetry on the subject of a father's death features contributions from C.S. Lewis, Thomas Moore, Erma Bombeck, and many others.

  • Bereavement

    Donna Infeld, Nadine R Penner

    Using this book as a guide, you can improve your understanding of the various resources and options that can be employed to achieve the healthy resolution of grief with individuals, families, and communities.

  • Helping Children to Manage Loss

    Helping Children to Manage Loss
    Brenda Mallon

    This book explores the territory of loss in childhood using the words of children who have found themselves bereft of hope.

  • Loss and Found

    Loss and Found
    Gary Young, Kathy Young

    An uplifting must-read in the most neglected area of self-help, for the seven million young widows and widowers in this country, their families, friends, counselors, clergy, and more.

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