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  • The Smart Divorce

    The Smart Divorce
    Deborah Moskovitch

    This guide coaches separating couples how to build a shortlist of the best divorce attorneys in their area, how to conduct an interview to find the right one, and what the full range of legal options are for each case.

  • Divorce

    Infinite Ideas, Victoria Perret

    Written from first hand experience this book talks honestly and realistically about the divorce process and its effects, and provides the motivational techniques to bounce back from a difficult time.

  • Rebuilding Workbook

    Rebuilding Workbook
    Bruce Fisher, Jere Bierhaus

    Expert guidance from distinguished divorce therapist Bruce Fisher, together with the informal, readable, warm and friendly style of this manual, make theRebuilding Workbook an outstanding resource for anyone involved in the process of …

  • Almendro


    Almendro is a true story about the life of the author and how so much can go so wrong in a short time.

  • Bella sin Bestia

    Bella sin Bestia
    Luz María Santiago Ponce

    Cuando enfrentamos el duelo de la separación, todos deseamos poder resolverlo, mujeres y hombres van buscando regresar a la vida.

  • Dividing the Child

    Dividing the Child
    Eleanor E. Maccoby, Robert H. Mnookin

    Full of interesting findings with far-reaching implications, this book will be invaluable to the lawyers, judges, social workers, and parents who, more and more often, must make wise and informed decisions concerning the welfare and care of …

  • Goodbye Mr Ex

    Goodbye Mr. Ex
    Marina Pearson

    Pearson identifies what keeps most women struggling in the pain and anger of their ex-relationships and why they keep having their buttons pushed.

  • I Do Part 2 Part 2

    I Do, Part 2, Part 2
    Karen Buscemi

    I Do, Part 2 is a funny, honest trounce through life post-divorce, helping people who produced a child together, then split, learn to navigate their complicated new lives.

  • Parenting After Divorce

    Parenting After Divorce
    Philip Michael Stahl

    "Parents argue a lot before a divorce," says Dr. Stahl. "If they continue to argue after the divorce, their children will suffer.

  • The Daddy Gap

    The Daddy Gap
    Dawn Walker and Matt Haviland

    Upon hearing the news that his father has gone to jail, a six-year-old boy poses the question of this generation: “Who’s going to take my Dad’s place?” The Daddy Gap takes an uncensored look at the distress so many fatherless …

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