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  • Rebuilding Workbook

    Rebuilding Workbook
    Bruce Fisher, Jere Bierhaus

    Expert guidance from distinguished divorce therapist Bruce Fisher, together with the informal, readable, warm and friendly style of this manual, make theRebuilding Workbook an outstanding resource for anyone involved in the process of …

  • Divorce Without Court

    Divorce Without Court
    Katherine Stoner

    This book guides you through a negotiated divorce, using divorce mediation, or an increasingly popular approach called collaborative divorce.

  • Dividing the Child

    Dividing the Child
    Eleanor E. Maccoby, Robert H. Mnookin

    Full of interesting findings with far-reaching implications, this book will be invaluable to the lawyers, judges, social workers, and parents who, more and more often, must make wise and informed decisions concerning the welfare and care of …

  • The Single Mum s Survival Guide

    The Single Mum’s Survival Guide
    Vivienne Smith

    The Single Mum's Survival Guide is packed with ideas, suggestions and words of wisdom and experience from a host of real-life single mums and expert professionals to make your life easier, help you on your way and put your mind at rest.

  • Goodbye Mr Ex

    Goodbye Mr. Ex
    Marina Pearson

    Pearson identifies what keeps most women struggling in the pain and anger of their ex-relationships and why they keep having their buttons pushed.

  • Parenting After Divorce

    Parenting After Divorce
    Philip Michael Stahl

    "Parents argue a lot before a divorce," says Dr. Stahl. "If they continue to argue after the divorce, their children will suffer.

  • Mani intrecciate

    Mani intrecciate
    Vincenzo Perez

    Mani intrecciate arriva dritto al cuore con uno stile lineare, chiaro e conciso. "C’è un gesto semplicissimo che mia madre mi ha insegnato da quando ero bambino.

  • Clean Break

    Clean Break
    Karen Stewart

    In this book Karen provides practical tools, inspiration and a mediation/negotiation model that can be used to help you move more efficiently and effectively through all the decisions that need to be made in your divorce.

  • Not My Amish Father s Wishes

    Not My Amish Father’s Wishes
    Marie Black

    Her situation is unique because no one has been able to explain how you can earn a BA degree without a high school diploma. This is her first book and she was encouraged by her former One Stop counselor.

  • Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy

    Existential Perspectives on Relationship Therapy
    Emmy van Deurzen, Susan Iacovou

    In this inspiring new book, Emmy van Deurzen and Susan Iacovou have brought together world renowned therapists to demonstrate how existential theories can improve therapeutic practice.

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