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  • The Caregiver s Toolbox

    The Caregiver’s Toolbox
    Carolyn P. Hartley, Peter Wong

    Millions of Americans are or will be amateur caregivers for ill spouses, parents, or friends.

  • Hi I m Bill and I m Old

    Hi I’m Bill and I’m Old
    William Alexander

    In exploring the richness of his own life, Alexander celebrates and invites us to discover the uniqueness and wisdom within ourselves. This book is a gift to those of us who are old, and even more, perhaps, to those who are young.

  • Zeiterfahrungen am Beispiel der Untersuchung von Marianne Gronemeyers Das Leben als letzte Gelegenheit SicherheitsbedĂ rfnisse und Zeitknappheit

    Zeiterfahrungen am Beispiel der Untersuchung von Marianne Gronemeyers “Das Leben als letzte Gelegenheit: SicherheitsbedĂĽrfnisse und Zeitknappheit”
    Peter Harms

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 1999 im Fachbereich Pflegewissenschaften, Hochschule Hannover (Fachbereich Gesundheitswesen), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Was ist Zeit?

  • Time of Our Lives

    Time of Our Lives
    Tom Kirkwood

    In Time of Our Lives, Tom Kirkwood draws on more than twenty years of research to make sense of the evolution of aging, to explain how aging occurs, and to answer fundamental questions like why women live longer than men.

  • How to Care for Aging Parents 3rd Edition

    How to Care for Aging Parents, 3rd Edition
    Virginia Morris

    Also new are fill-in worksheets for gathering specifics on medications; caregivers’ names, schedules, and contact info; doctors’ phone numbers and addresses; and other essential information in one handy place at the back of the book.

  • Cast Me Not Off When I Am Old

    Cast Me Not Off When I Am Old
    Carol Kasser

    "Cast Me Not Off" helps the elderly and those who care for them make choices to maximize the quality of life in later years.

  • Can I tell you about Dementia

    Can I tell you about Dementia?
    Jude Welton

    With illustrations throughout, this useful book will be an ideal introduction to dementia for anyone from child to adult.

  • Person Centred Dementia Care

    Person-Centred Dementia Care
    Dawn Brooker

    This book gives fresh definition to the important ideas behind and the implementation of person centred care for people with dementia.

  • Full Circle

    Full Circle
    Kevin H. Kirkland, Howard McIlveen

    Full Circle is a how-to book that will prove you can trigger emotional responses in an individual or group therapy session using the right spiritual cues.

  • Enhancing Health and Wellbeing in Dementia

    Enhancing Health and Wellbeing in Dementia
    Shibley Rahman

    This book presents an opportunity for all those involved in the provision of care for people with dementia to maintain a focus on delivering the best care possible.

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