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  • Moments that Matter Cases in Ethical Eldercare

    Moments that Matter: Cases in Ethical Eldercare
    Michael Gordon M.D., MSc, FRCPC

    Dr. Michael Gordon has given us a timely and timeless gift with this book.” —Steven R. Sabat, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University “Dr.

  • The Science of Living  Graciously

    The Science of Living – Graciously
    John Davidson

    Well, I hope this book and the others following it is going to teach you lessons in life and how they were used by the ancients to gain spiritual and emotional guidance, help and strength.

  • iRules

    Janell Hofmann

    In the book, she educates parents about the online culture tweens and teens enter the minute they go online, exploring issues like cyberbullying, friend fail, and sexting, as well as help parents create and modify their own iRules contract …

  • Gaps

    Mac Keyes

    This is a novel about the search for significance and the discovery of authenticity, investigating the nuances of sex, abuse of political power and the contest for spiritual and social values.

  • Faith and You Volume 2

    Faith and You, Volume 2
    Terry Pluto

    . . For people of different faiths or backgrounds or who aren’t even sure they’re religious. These essays don’t claim to have all the answers. But the questions they raise give readers something to think about all week.

  • Il Tempo degli Eroi Addio sconosciuto

    “Il Tempo degli Eroi (Addio, sconosciuto)”.
    Bianca Fasano

    Di Stefano Musco “Il tempo degli eroi": un titolo emblematico quello del romanzo di Bianca Fasano, giornalista di frontiera, ben nota a quotidiani come "Roma" e "Il Mattino", per cui è stata peraltro corrispondente, in oltre venticinque …

  • The Adventures of Tamalino Book 6 Tamalino Has an Adventure

    The Adventures of Tamalino.Book 6.Tamalino Has an Adventure
    Chris Lyth, Hazel Lyth

    Each story teaches a moral, a life skill or plain old common sense. Every book contains a minimum of 18 watercolour illustrations so the younger child or child with learning problems can follow the story in pictures.

  • E SE DOMANI Istruzioni per l uso

    “E SE DOMANI…? Istruzioni per l’uso
    Fernando Leombruni

    Questi è la presentazione del mio libro.

  • Buon Natale figli Buon Natale pap

    Buon Natale figli Buon Natale papà
    ubaldo sagripanti

    Questa raccolta di racconti e fiabe nasce dalla quotidianità di padre separato in cui il rapporto con i miei figli si è trasformato in una realtà molto diversa da quella che vivevo e immaginavo quando sono nati.

  • Einsteins Vielfalt unter Dichtern

    Einsteins Vielfalt unter Dichtern
    Hannes Mie

    Wir alle kennen vielleicht schon Angebote, die über die sog.

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