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  • They Fuck You Up

    They Fuck You Up

    In this groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist Oliver James shows that it is the way we were cared for in the first six years of life that has a crucial effect on who we are and how we behave. Nurture, in effect, shapes our very nature.

  • Getting Along in Family Business

    Getting Along in Family Business
    Edwin A. Hoover, Colette Lombard Hoover

    Getting Along in Family Business is a practical guide for business owning families and their professional advisors.

  • Sacred Matters

    Sacred Matters
    Wesley R. Burr, Loren Dean Marks, Randal D. Day

    "Sacred Matters builds on earlier literature, adds new qualitative and quantitative data, and creates a conceptual framework and general theory (or model) about when, how, and why sacred matters are helpful and harmful in families"–

  • Marriages Families and Relationships Making Choices in a Diverse Society

    Marriages, Families, and Relationships: Making Choices in a Diverse Society
    Mary Ann Lamanna, Agnes Riedmann

    This bestselling text on marriages, families, and relationships combines a rigorous scholarly and applied approach with a unique theme especially relevant to today’s dynamic global environment: Making choices in a diverse society.

  • Il sentire dei bambini Dall arte alle costellazioni familiari

    Il sentire dei bambini. Dall’arte alle costellazioni familiari
    Donatella Celli

  • When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People

    When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People
    Leonard Felder

    The co-author of Making Peace with Your Parents explains how to cope with diificult relatives–from critical in-laws to troublemaking siblings and children–providing straightforward advice on how to counter the toxic influence of such …

  • Come diventare bella ricca e stronza

    Come diventare bella, ricca e stronza
    Giulio Cesare Giacobbe

    Un godibilissimo manualetto, tanto sincero quanto ironico, che consegna nelle mani delle fanciulle tutto quello che gli uomini non dicono.

  • A Child of the 1930 s

    A Child of the 1930’s
    Joan Arnast

    If you grew up much later in life, this book will enable you to vicariously experience what life was like in an earlier American culture.

  • Retold Tales

    Retold Tales
    C. J. Barnes

    It provides insight into the life and times of a bygone era, seeking to preserve the tales of the past.

  • The Behavior Bucks Systemtm

    The Behavior Bucks Systemtm
    Guy Harris

    In The Behavior Bucks SystemTM they share what they have learned from both research and practical experience. The Harris' have done the hard work for you.

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