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  • Wisdom of the Last Farmer

    Wisdom of the Last Farmer
    David Mas Masumoto

    In Wisdom of the Last Farmer, an impassioned memoir of revitalization and redemption, he finds the natural connections between generation and succession, fathers and children, booms and declines as he tells the story of his family and their …

  • Love Magic Mudpies

    Love, Magic & Mudpies
    Bernie Siegel

    During his many years working with thousands of patients and their families, Dr. Bernie Siegel became an expert on how to turn sometimes trying situations into opportunities for personal growth.

  • The 7 Best Things Happy Couples Do plus one

    The 7 Best Things Happy Couples Do…plus one
    John Friel, Ph.D., Linda Friel, M.A.

    The authors found that they had not seven, but eight, key items to identify. Here are a few: Be Sexual Be Willing To Divorce Manage Your Fear, Hurt, Shame, And Loneliness Own Your Part (be responsible for creating a great relationship)

  • Family History and Temples Including Grigg and Related Family Genealogies

    Family History and Temples Including Grigg and Related Family Genealogies
    Dick Grigg

    This is a compilation of references to Family History and temple work from the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and Modern Church Leaders.

  • Getting Along in Family Business

    Getting Along in Family Business
    Edwin A. Hoover, Colette Lombard Hoover

    Getting Along in Family Business is a practical guide for business owning families and their professional advisors.

  • Sailing on Broken Pieces

    Sailing on Broken Pieces
    Gary Rhule

    "A poignant story from the triple perspective of a doctor, sibling and caregiver within the context of the fast-paced emergency room and the life of a person with mental illness"–Page 4 of cover.

  • Why Isn t Bobby Like Me Mom

    Why Isn’t Bobby Like Me, Mom?
    Kay Plitt

    A story of love and hope for a happier existence beyond the pain, Why Isn't Bobby Like Me, Mom? helps siblings understand both the illness and the loss of a loved one.

  • Flagrant Misconduct

    Flagrant Misconduct
    Eddie Thompkins III

    This story also captures the budding friendship between two athletes from different cultural backgrounds. Their friendship, threatened by the unintended consequences of school busing, would change both of their lives forever.

  • Turn Up the Music

    Turn Up the Music
    Jeff Dess

    Turn Up the Music is a call to action for parents. For decades, parents have asked youth to turn down the music, but instead should be asking them to turn it up.

  • Mother of a Millionaire

    Mother of a Millionaire
    Raoji (Ray) M. Patel

    This collection of short stories shows how Indian parents strongly believe forgiveness—one of the most difficult challenges to face—makes one happier and healthier and frees one from sin.

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