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  • Daddy s Little Girl

    Daddy’s Little Girl
    Gregory E. Lang

    This book reminds us all that no matter what, there is and always will be a place for daddy's little girl.

  • Who Do You Think You Are

    Who Do You Think You Are?
    Alyse Myers

    This personal portrait of a mother and daughter explores the profound and poignant revelations that so often can come to light only after a parent has died.

  • Rights of Children at Risk and in Care

    Rights of Children at Risk and in Care

    This is sometimes not possible, however, for example when parents are unable to bring up their children or when they represent a danger to them.

  • Respect Your Children

    Respect Your Children
    Jay Scott Fitter

    Throughout the course of this book, you will learn a variety of tools, skills and strategies that will help you become a better role model, and a better parent.

  • Lily s Ghost

    Lily’s Ghost
    Cheryl Drake Harris

    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • A Treatise on the Family Enlarged Edition

    A Treatise on the Family, Enlarged Edition
    Gary Stanley BECKER, Gary S Becker

    This is only one of the remarkable concepts explored by Gary Becker in his landmark work on the family.Becker applies economic theory to the most sensitive and fateful personal decisions, such as choosing a spouse or having children.

  • 5 Short Cat Tales

    5 Short Cat Tales
    Erik Norman Swiger, Mamie Swiger K.L.

    Included here are two stories written by other authors, that he edited. These stories are presented for their entertainment value, but it is also hoped that the readers will find something useful to make their cats happy.

  • Empty Nest Full Heart

    Empty Nest … Full Heart
    Andrea Van Steenhouse

    Beginning with the senior year in high school, moving through the summer year after graduation, the final departure for college and the freshman year, Andre Van Steenhouse offers a lighthearted, yet savy look at this turbulent time through …

  • Aunties

    Ingrid Sturgis

    Through the vivid memories of real relationships, these narratives pay tribute to aunts everywhere. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Ready or Not Here Life Comes

    Ready or Not, Here Life Comes
    Mel Levine

    Instead of making a smooth transition into adulthood, many youngsters find themselves trapped in their teenage years, traveling down the wrong career road, unable to function in the world of work.

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