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  • If I Can You Can

    “If I Can, You Can!”
    Constance Turner

    A testament to the strength of one extraordinary woman’s spirit, this courageous story offers bold encouragement to all abused women—and to the men who abuse them—to reach for the help they need, to open their hearts and to finally …

  • Daddy s Little Girl

    Daddy’s Little Girl
    Gregory E. Lang

    This book reminds us all that no matter what, there is and always will be a place for daddy's little girl.

  • The Sex Starved Wife

    The Sex-Starved Wife
    Michele Weiner Davis

    Arguing against popular misconceptions that blame women for unfulfilling sexual relationships, a practical guide identifies the biological and psychological factors that compromise a man's sex drive while suggesting practical strategies for …

  • La llave de la buena vida

    La llave de la buena vida
    Joan Garriga

    En el relato que abre este libro, unos padres deciden regalarle a su hijo, al cumplir los dieciocho años, una llave de tresdientes para ayudarle a abrir las distintas puertas que se irán mostrando ante sí.A partir del relato, Joan …

  • Love Me Mama

    Love Me Mama
    Elsie Reed

    This book is a story of an unfavoured child called Victoria.

  • Creating Change for Complex Children and their Families

    Creating Change for Complex Children and their Families
    Marion Polichroniadis, Jo Holmes, Amelia Oldfield

    This book will be indispensable reading for trainees and professionals working with children with mental health problems and their families, and special needs educationalists wanting to understand the benefits of an intensive, multi-family …

  • LONDON the City of Angels and Olympics

    LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics
    Bes; Syrk

    Obstacles-you are not going to threaten us! This is our new standpoint and we mean it! IMPORTANT THIS TEXT I was reading the eBook "Christ Consciousness" by Dr Joshua David Stone/Gloria Excelsias, available at www.

  • A Cup of Comfort for Couples

    A Cup of Comfort for Couples
    Colleen Sell

    But how often do you take the time to stop and appreciate your relationship? A Cup of Comfort for Couples pays tribute to the indefinable experience of being in love.

  • Run Brother Run

    Run, Brother, Run
    David Berg

    The result is Run, Brother, Run: part memoir—about growing up Jewish in 1950s Texas and Arkansas—and part legal story, informed by Berg’s experience as a seasoned lawyer.

  • Dancing with Medusa A Life in Psychiatry

    Dancing with Medusa: A Life in Psychiatry
    H Michael Zal

    This is a story about Bella, a beautiful tale of caring, trust and emotional healing. It begins when Dr. Zal, a first-year resident in Psychiatry, meets a 20-year-old in the throws of a severe psychotic episode.

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