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  • The Sex Starved Wife

    The Sex-Starved Wife
    Michele Weiner Davis

    Arguing against popular misconceptions that blame women for unfulfilling sexual relationships, a practical guide identifies the biological and psychological factors that compromise a man's sex drive while suggesting practical strategies for …

  • A Cup of Comfort for Couples

    A Cup of Comfort for Couples
    Colleen Sell

    But how often do you take the time to stop and appreciate your relationship? A Cup of Comfort for Couples pays tribute to the indefinable experience of being in love.

  • Wedding Blessings

    Wedding Blessings
    June Cotner

    Wedding Blessings is a wonderful gift for the bride-to-be and others celebrating the union of marriage. From the Hardcover edition.

  • The Principle of Love Marriage

    The Principle of: Love & Marriage
    Jim Holtslag

    In this book the author proposes that there is a single easy to understand principle that all marriages should be based on.

  • Get a Man Keep a Man

    Get a Man, Keep a Man
    Shei Atkins

    This book is the answer to all the questions you would like to know regarding keeping him close and you have it first hand from the author’s experience. It’s a wonder the book is so profusely and profoundly written.


    Burt Rashbaum

  • The Husband Book

    The Husband Book
    Harry Harrison

    Married men who are weary of gaining insight on how to be a better husband through trial and error – or the well-intentioned advice of misguided friends – will welcome the wisdom, humor, and truisms delivered by long-time husband Harry …

  • Desencanto

    Romina Doval

    Con rabia, con emoción, con alegría, con horror y con calma, «Desencanto» encuentra, respirando literatura, una forma singular y atractiva: el ritmo novedoso pero no sorpresivo, regular pero no monótono de contar una historia en la que …

  • Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman
    Daniela Granzotto

    Woman to Woman addresses major challenges women inevitably encounter in their pursuit of love.

  • Conflict Resolution For Christian Couples

    Conflict Resolution For Christian Couples
    Paul R. Shaffer

    Shaffer pulls on a number of different proven sources to support his methods and to help the reader understand the reasons why behind everything that is suggested. This book consists of five parts.

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